Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Stardew Valley multi-player pre-game coordination

Before starting a Stardew Valley multi-player group, I like to coordinate about some questions and requests in a group voice call or chat or emails:


1. How do we feel about
  a) Spoilers and tips?
  b) Spreadsheets?
  c) Walkthroughs?

2. Do we coordinate romantic pursuits assuming we are going to play a long game? I would marry Maru or Emily if I can't marry Penny.



-Group voice during play
-Share gold
-Host pause often (discuss first; /pause /resume) for talk and inventory after letting Hands open their menus
-Specialize and share tool upgrades

First day:

-Ship all Fiber, Clay, and Horseradish for meager gold (for our fisher).
-Shared chests; outside near house and possibly at Blacksmith
-Leave stumps (chop tops only) on Farm

First week:

-Strict specialization 1) Mining and combat, 2) Foraging, 3) Farming, 4) Fishing (see Note 11)
-Lots of Chests everywhere (Beach and Fishing spots, Mine, Blacksmith, Saloon, south Forest) instead of early backpacks (except for miner). Run each others' errands.

First month:

-Parsnips to Potatoes to Strawberries (see Note 22)
-Plant orange and peach around 21st or use fruit bats
-Gradually relax specialization

First summer:

-Plant apple and pomegranate around 21st or use fruit bats.
-Keep at least one of everything in shared crop (by season), forage (by season), fish and recycle, combat, mining chests. Have a single on-farm "outbox" chest for the Blacksmith and Museum and another for the Saloon.


Vary them and coordinate? We are a group? (see Note 33)
Or (early/first/specialist)
-Tiller and Artisan
-Angler and Pirate
-Miner and prospector?
-Fighter and brute
-Gatherer and Botanist (to find all Artifacts and other Forage; see Note 44) or Forester and Lumberjack (for mid-game hardwood)


11. When energy and money are meager, we can help our specialists level up fast.
  a) Give our income-fisher early money for Trout Soup and upgrades.
  b) Leave last Tree top chop for our forager.
  c) Leave all Weeds for our forager.
  d) Leave all rocks for our miner.
  e) Leave harvesting Crops to our farmer.

22. Plant every Strawberry we can afford. Save a dozen Strawberries at end of month for gifts and to turn into seeds later with a SeedMaker.

33. Anything that is shipped gets highest perk of group. So a variety of professions is a good thing.

44. Maybe our miner can become a Botanist and specialize in the Museum rarities.

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