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Free and Permanent Hemorrhoid Cure


(This information will cure your hemorrhoids permanently and naturally for free without surgery.
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I'm forty years old (2012 update:  I'm now 45 years old, and I can't think of any way to improve this information; increased muscle tone and reduced pressure simply works). When I was a teenager, I told my mother about a lump on my anus that was hurting me and bleeding. She said it was a hemorrhoid, and with a quick office visit to Dr. Jenkins, we (I'm not recommending this!) had it surgically removed. (That means he cut it out while I lay on my side in his office.) Yeowwwweeee!! I never did that again! But I kept getting hemorrhoids. And sometimes they really hurt bad! Sometimes I couldn't even sit properly. But that was then.
I am a thin and healthy looking (6'-0", 150-160 lb., 183 cm, 68-72 kg) guy. But I kept getting hemorrhoids because I was spending too much time sitting on the toilet (which may have had something to do with the way I ate), I had poor posture, and I was not wearing my pants right. Finally I started experimenting like a good scientist and figured out how to stop hemorrhoids. The purpose of this post is to share my experience and success. In a nutshell, you get your toilet time down, way down, you make your posture muscles do their job, and you ease up on your clothing waist.


Hemorrhoids are swollen (varicose) blood vessels that form at the end of our large intestine (that's you and me, the hemorrhoid people), or our colon, and sometimes stick out where we can feel them as a lump in the bath or when we are wiping our bottom after using the toilet. Our hemorrhoids sometimes hurt enough to make life tough as we sit, stand, work, and play. Our hemorrhoids sometimes bleed and sometimes develop blood clots.
Our hemorrhoids happen when we have too much pressure on our anus (where the bowel movement comes out) for too long. This usually happens (surprise!) when we aren't as careful as we should be about our health. As soon as we get careful again, our hemorrhoids start to feel better in several days. The first way we notice we are better is that our bleeding and pain goes away. The second thing we notice is that the lumps go back inside our body. The third thing we notice is that we can't even feel the lumps inside.


When we fix the issues on the list below, our hemorrhoids go away:
  • Posture. If we become sloppy about our posture, like letting our belly hang out instead of sucking it in, our stomach muscles get lazy. They settle down toward our bottom. It's almost like we are always ready to use the toilet. This encourages hemorrhoids. When we are curing a hemorrhoid we have or we think we may be getting hemorrhoids, we suck in our gut, tighten our bottom, and look at our daily posture. After using the toilet, do we use our muscles to pull ourselves back together? Do we have enough stomach and bottom muscle strength and control to keep coughs and sneezes from stressing our our bottom? Is there anything about our daily activities that we could do in a way that would improve our muscle tone? We can practice putting our chest out, our stomach in, and our bottom flexed. We can do bottom flexing exercises, pulling inward repetitively 100 times daily.

  • Daily toilet time and method. The most common factor in our hemorrhoids is too much daily time spent on the toilet. If possible, it would be most healthy to spend less than 30 seconds daily using the toilet for a bowel movement. That's because while we are using the toilet, we are putting pressure on the area of our bottom. When we remember, we can try to pull our insides back in before the count of ten, twenty, or thirty. But we may have bad habits left over from from our childhood, when maybe sometimes we would wipe and push over and over because it felt like there was always more after we wiped. And more recently, maybe we end up on the toilet reading something somebody else left in the bathroom. Or maybe we are in the bad habit of using the toilet for number two several times daily. So we stop all that by making just one business-like visit to the toilet for our number two business every day.
    Here is my recommended procedure:

        1. (Added 2012) NO reading material in the bathroom!
        2. Prepare your toilet tissue in your hands before you sit down.

        3. Rest your chest on or between your knees with your belly on or between your legs. Rest your hands on your ankles or feet. (see Nathaniel Hawthorne Bronner, Jr., Quick Fasting: How to BM).

        4. Relax and push gently while you count (hopefully to ten or fifteen).

        5. Keep your head down, but lift your bottom immediately and pull back your insides (down) into your body using the muscles around your stomach and bottom.

        6. Wipe yourself gently with your head still down while you practice the pulling muscle action (use your bathroom control muscles) a few times before you stand up all the way. Repeat the action over and over with all the inner strength you can muster, gently pushing the hemorrhoid inward by hand if necessary. "Wow! That was (oof!) fast. I'll be (wince!) better in no time."
        7. Pause (perhaps with head still down) after wiping to allow your body a moment to pull itself together.

      1. Diet. If your diet has been poor, it is sometimes hard to keep your time on the toilet down to well under 30 seconds daily. If your food doesn't cooperate with good bowel habits, do this: 1) Check that you are drinking enough (and please consider switching to plain water) to keep your urine rather light yellow (you want your urine to look like pale lemonade, not apple juice) and 2) cut out some meat and processed food (white flour, sugar, and refined snacks) and eat some beans, whole grains (2012 update: I'm increasingly aware of undiscovered wheat sensitivities among us; be alert), fruit, and vegetables. On the other hand, it may be that your diet is actually too bulky, with lots of whole grains and beans, which ironically sometime might lead to hemorrhoids if you make too many bathroom trips and don't hold in your urges well. If you have been going too often and your feces are very soft, it may help to cut out the extra visits and let your large intestine do its job of soaking back in extra water while you wait for your daily trip.

      2. Clothing. If you wear clothes that are too tight around the waist and belly, you get used to pressure in your belly. This leads you to relax your stomach muscles and let your body settle into your pants. This relaxation and pressure contributes to your hemorrhoids. So one thing to do when hemorrhoids become a problem for you is change into clothes that will stay in place even if you use good posture (stomach in , chest out, bottom tight). You may need a lower or higher waist or something like suspenders so you can re-train your muscles to do their job holding in your stomach.
      Once we have suffered chronic hemorrhoids, we never forget. I still wince in memory every time I remember to flex my bottom and my gut while I am seated at my computer. But those days are long past now. Best of luck to you! If you can improve this advice or if it helps you, let me know.

      New in 2013:  A couple more ideas if you are having trouble sucking in your gut or understanding what I mean.

      And here's a conscientious plea: Would you please consider moving your retirement and checking accounts from stocks and banks to a credit union?  It matters.

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      Anonymous said...


      Well, this is a blessed breakthrough in my hemorrhoid problem... I thought I would share this miracle with anyone who is interested.. I had a type 4 bleeding prolapsed pile that came outta my bottom... It hurt just to walk, and sitting down it was so irritating. I'm just so glad i didn't have to go to see a doctor and it went away on its own. I did alot of research on the internet about what works, and i tried everything.. My own method worked for me BIG TIME... So here's my advice.

      1> Don't try to pop or squeeze it because, it will damage the vein and the roid will double in size.
      2> I know this might sound weird, but make a big pot of my chili recipe.. (This is a substitute for the cayenne pepper cure) <---this is what did it folks... SERIOUS!!!

      2 1/2 pounds of beef
      3 28 oz cans of diced tomatoes
      5 medium minced onions
      2 14 oz cans of tomatoe sauce
      2 cans of kidney beans
      12 full tablespoons of chili powder
      5 full tablespoons of turmeric powder
      7 full tablespoons of cayenne pepper
      5 minced cloves of garlic
      1 tablespoon of garlic powder
      1/2 cup of sugar
      1 tablespoon of garlic salt
      pepper to taste.

      In a skillet cook the ground beef adding 2 tablespoons of chili powder, 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder. When it is done and brown, drain it and set it aside. 2. add some cooking oil to the skillet and add the chopped onions and garlic, cook until they become clear and a little brown, add the garlic salt, mix and put aside. 3. Rinse and drain the kidney beans and cook them in water in a small pot until they become very soft, rinse again and put aside. 4. Now, in a really big pot, mix all the other ingredients together, and bring to a boil, then add the beef, beans, onions and let it simmer for 1 hour. Taste it to make sure that it is extremely hot, so hot that you can only stand to eat one bowl, if it isn't hot enough add more cayenne pepper.
      You must eat one big bowl WITH 2 slices of whole grain TOAST w/ butter. And a glass of water. Twice a day <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      Before you have to poop, put some vaseline or polysporin, whatever, to lubricate your bottom. When you poop, it will be very hot, however the cayenne pepper is actually going to stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling dramatically.

      3> After you goto the washroom, have a glass of ice near by, or something out of the freezer. sit in the bath tub for about 20 mins in really hot bath water, the sith bath thing. After you get out of the tub, wrap an ice cube in a bit of toilet paper, and sit on it for about 10 mins, while you towel yourself dry. Pat your bottom down with some corn starch, and get ready to do it again next day.

      4> Last but not least, Do buttocks exercises by squeezing in your buttocks and holding for 12 seconds at a time, whenever you feel comfortable to do it, you should make a habit of this while on the computer or watching tv...

      That's it, after about 5 days of this routine, my hemorroids were gone, and I had some good chili. I didn't even have to see a doctor.. Good Luck!

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Thanks, Anon.

      1. A big endorsement to the tip about the muscle exercises. I didn't emphasize that enough in my opening post. Muscle tone is essential.

      2. I bet the chili recipe works for a lot of reasons. It sounds like great food! Eating bulky fibrous food is essential.

      3. I like your fist aid tips. They are a great addition to the page. Cold water, ice, cayenne, pat-downs. Excellent first aid advice!

      Kito said...

      In short stop being lazy, eat right, be good to your body and it will be good to you!! :)

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Heh. In short. :-)

      Anonymous said...

      Love the chile idea! I'll try it if the hems ever come back. But I don't think they will.
      I downloaded a book online. Don't panic they're just hemorrhoids, I think it was called. Good book.

      (They need a Yahoo ID on this thing)

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      :-) Thanks, Dave. (Why does that remind me of a movie?)

      Anonymous said...

      So, what if you're constipated and your hemroid is slightly swollen?

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      First and most importantly, I would suggest getting yourself a water bottle or cup of at least a liter size and try to drain it twice daily.

      Then I would suggest eating a bunch of chili, beans, brown rice, oats, or salad for a while.

      Last of all, I would suggest before you leave the bathroom after your number two business you pause to pull yourself back together, sucking in your gut and your hemorrhoid firmly and repeatedly several times.

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you, I started this last night, when should I see results?

      Anonymous said...

      And so, push your hemorrhoid in? Or squeeze your butt cheeks together?

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Sometimes while finishing your number two business, while you are cleaning up, or in the bath, you might push the hemorrhoid in with your fingers. But I was more referring to the inward-pulling muscle action that could be described as sucking in your gut, squeezing your buttocks together, flexing your buttocks, or pulling in your hemorrhoid. Some people have suggested increasing your overall life happiness by doing 100 repetitions of this flexing exercise daily.

      In my experience, I have usually noticed the beginnings of improvements in a day or two. If you drink 1/2 gallon of water, it's likely there will be some immediate change in your constipation. If you keep up the daily hydration, you may be able to immediately reduce your bathroom pushing time to well under 30 seconds. If you eat 1 cup (250 ml) of oats cooked in 1 liter of water, you will probably notice an immediate change in your constipation.

      I hope you will let me know if you don't notice immediate beginnings of improvement.

      Anonymous said...

      Well, I've noticed it hasn't been hurting, but the bump is still there and today I drank 8 bottles of water, Quaker oats oatmeal, a 3/4ths giant bowl with milk, rasins, and cinimin mixed in, 2 big bowls of my grandmas chilli and about 8 bottles of water, I went like barely at all today, so I'm hoping I do more tomorrow, and for sucking my stomuch, do I have to do it 24/7? I'm a 20 year old girl, is there anything else you suggest? Usually apple juice helps me a lot, but you said not to have any.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      I'm sure glad you mentioned apple juice, because I must have communicated poorly! What I said was that you don't want your urine to look as dark as apple juice. You want your urine to look as pale as lemonade. As for drinking apple juice, I don't have any reason to say anything about it except that it is good, clear hydration. If your experience says it helps you, you would do well to follow that experience.

      I decided yesterday that if you returned and reported that hydrating super well and eating oats didn't resolve your constipation, I should suggest you possibly see a doctor. But since I am not the biggest fan of conventional doctors, I do have a couple more questions for you.

      1. Would you be interested to try a particular kind of hydration called a "Salt Water Flush"? The way you do it is drink at least 1 quart of very warm water with enough salt to make it taste like savory soup broth. Look up the Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush and consider also manually massaging your stomach and intestines (lower abdomen) as you move from side to back to side after you drink as the water works its way down.

      2. Would you be interested to try an enema or a suppository? If you are temporarily and totally constipated, sometimes a suppository or an enema can help remove a compacted plug.

      3. Do you think you may have a compacted plug you can work out manually? Sometimes its possible to work a plug out by manually kneading your colon (large intestine) from the outside around your anus and in front below your bladder. Just relax that area totally and let your fingers do the kneading. You may be surprised how far into your abdomen you can gently knead.

      A serious problem about constipation is that an important role of your colon is to dewater your stool. When you don't eliminate the stool when it is at the proper consistency, especially if you are dehydrated, the stool just sits there getting dryer and dryer, harder and harder. For temporary constipation, it's really important to get that plug out of the way using something like my items 2 and 3 here. For chronic constipation, you either need to increase your hydration habits, increase your dietary fiber, or address some other problem I'm unaware of with a doctor. For example, people have been known to have a constriction somewhere in their gastrointestinal tract.

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you, I took a laxitive today and its starting to kick in and help, but for a doctor, I jost lost my job and have no insurance, so there is no way I can do that right now, but I wanted to thank you because a lot of the stuff you said has helpped, is there any other suggestions you could share with me?

      Thomas Gail Haws said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      p.s. I just posted this story:

      How My Grandma Cleared My Grandpa's Constipation and Avoided Surgery
      Around 1990 my Grandpa Haws had a bad car crash that put him in the hospital for a long time, where he became so constipated that he was told his constipation might have to be relieved by surgery. My Grandma vigorously objected and told him what to do to clear his constipation that very day.

      She filled a hospital pitcher with very warm water and told him to guzzle it, then slosh it around his insides patiently. He did this and very soon and suddenly his constipation was relieved, soiling his hospital bed.

      A similar practice has been popularized recently as the Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      p.p.s. It doesn't hurt to do the exercises 100 times daily. Some people suggest it. All I am suggesting is that 1) you may be able to benefit from encouraging better muscle tone and control around your anus and 2) pulling inward with several repetitions before you leave the bathroom immediately after your number two business seems to bring immediate improvement and help healing. Try doing these exercises both before and after you dress.

      Anonymous said...

      Well thanks so much for all your help, ill let you know in a few days how everything has worked out, thank you :D

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      When I did a salt water flush, I first hydrated well so that my urine was light. Then once I knew I was well hydrated, I followed the instructions for the Master Cleanse Slat water flush. If I recall right, I may have done it twice. In the middle of the night the salt water came through. At the time I wasn't strictly speaking constipated, but I was fasting and thought I'd like to encourage some cleansing.

      Anonymous said...

      Hi, so I had a question, what do you do if you have a hem and your anus is pretty much swollen shut, its just puffy all around?

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      First of all, I think I would probably cry. And I might apply some kind of pain reliever. And I would immediately be pulling inward (sucking in my gut, not only in front, but in back) every time I thought of this catastrophe.

      Then I would ask myself, "How did this get this way?"

      Am I sitting wrong? Standing wrong? Wearing my clothes waist wrong? Lacking muscle tone? Why aren't my insides pulling themselves together?

      Am I staying on the toilet too long? Can I get my time down to under 1/2 minute per day? Am I constipated? Am I eating poorly? Am I dehydrated? Am I reading on the toilet? Am I rushing out of the bathroom without pausing to pull myself back together and adjust my clothes?

      What's your best guess?

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      p.s. I also would kneel or bend over so my chest is lower than my hips, either in my bed or in the bathroom, and I would work on at least temporarily stuffing everything back into its correct place, just so I can feel how it's supposed to be arranged. I think you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish temporarily between your hands and your internal muscles. And if you keep it up, it will become permanent.

      Anonymous said...

      I would appreciate your thoughts on 2 things (1) Diet and (2) Spices.
      Regarding diet, I find that any types of meat (chicken, beef, etc.) is resulting in hard stools leading to difficult bowel movement which creates bleeding. This is happening even though I have introduced a lot of fiber in my diet. Also, I have been told by a couple of doctors to cut down on spicy food. This seems in direct contradiction to the chili recipe above with loads of spices including cayenne pepper. Would appreciate your feedback on these 2 items. Thank you for the information you have already shared.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Thanks for asking.

      First, about spices. To be more candid, I can't imagine ANY reason why spices like cayenne pepper would make hemorrhoids permanently better or worse, though I can imagine it could help with pain relief. Note that the comment with the chili recipe above contains the significant instruction to "eat one big bowl WITH 2 slices of whole grain" "and a glass of water. Twice a day." That is a LOT of fiber and liquid, which are exactly what are needed to end constipation in most cases. If I were you, I would take from that comment the suggestion to eat lots of beans and whole grains (if you tolerate them) and drink lots of water.

      Second, about meat. My suggestion is to cut it out nearly entirely if it is causing a problem.

      Bottom line: Beans, whole grains, and water are part of a hemorrhoid healing regimen. Cayenne and meat are NOT. You need to arrive at sub-15 second gentle BM's.

      Anonymous said...

      Hi Buddy,
      Thanks for your suggestions your suggestions i tried and it really helped me to get rid of it....
      Thank you so much...!!
      Keep up the good work:)
      Keep smiling

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Thanks for the encouraging words for everybody.

      Azmarya said...


      So I've been having constipation like real bad for the past few weeks. I constantly feel like going to the bathroom, but whenever I go it comes out like nuggets (barely anything) and I feel like there's a lot left. I took Miralax for almost a week and it helped it a little. After a few weeks, I felt a nerve inside my anus and realized I had hemorrhoids (probably from all that pushing) :(

      I found your post and started drinking 8 glasses of water a day (I barely drank any before), and I've been eating so many fiber bars, prunes, and dates. I've been doing it for like 2 days so far, and my bathroom time definitely decreased, but I still gotta get it to less than 30 sec. a day and only one bathroom trip. I tend to snack a lot on sweets and chips...I gotta try cutting that out completely -_-

      Anyway, thanks so much for your post! I was so scared when I found out I had hemorrhoids, but now I know it's not hopeless and is curable :) Hopefully it'll be gone soon.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      That is so amazing and wonderful, Azmarya! I am thrilled for you. Yeah, I think switching from sweets and chips to beans, rice, and whole grain cereals will make a big difference. I wonder how dairy affects constipation?

      Guy943 said...

      Today i noticed a lump as i was wipping. No blood tho. No itching or burnig. Slight pain as i pressed on it. Would you say this is a hemroid? Or maybe somthing else? If you think it is a hemroid, are serious heath problems? Will they get more extreme if not treated? Also im a 14 year old boy. Very active in sports. Not over weight, not super skinny eather. I should also mention that i go #2 about once every two or three days. (Not because i hold it in but hecause thats when my bodie tells me i have to go) and i have about a glass of water a day (i know thats not good and im already changing the water isue). So i would really like to hear your comments and sugestions as soon as possible! Thank you.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      It could be a hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids aren't painful at the beginning. Based on what you've said, I would suggest that you probably just need to do something to improve your muscle tone around your bottom. You may want to observe carefully how you are wearing your pants waist and consider your posture. I wonder if you bike a lot.

      Try seeing what it feels like to wear your pants higher or lower, tighter or looser. Then try just once doing 100 flexures of your gut and bottom (suck in your gut and pull everything upward 100 times) so you know how that feels. Try sucking it in with your head below your hips to see what that feels like. After doing all those things, let me know if you think muscle posture/attitude or maybe something like bike riding is giving you a hemorrhoid.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      p.s. Guy943

      Could you also record your time pushing when you go #2?

      Also try pulling yourself back together for up to a minute afterward.

      Rachel said...

      I've had 2 hemorrhoids for 10 yrs... They got worse after each child, but with proper nutrition & good health I've been able to keep them pretty small & relatively pain free. But theast year they seemed to balloon up. I had no idea why until I read your info... Now I realize I was spending way too much time on the toilet. You see I'm a stayhome mom & the only free time I have is when I potty... So, as you can guess sometimes I'll hide out in there maybe 20-30 min with a good book to unwind. I now realize that I have made my hemorrhoids worse. I am going to limit my toilet time, do the exercises & drink a lot more water. Thank you so much for the info! I will ck in next week & let you know how it goes! God bless. :)

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      I'm excited too about your discovery, Rachel. I hope you will check in next week. I wouldn't be surprised to see a significant difference by then. (You can always stay a little longer in the bathroom doing the exercises upside down!)

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Peter, 25, writes:


      I have been suffering from heamorhiods for the past 8 years now. I went for suggery three years ago, but it came back again. I'm just so miserable. Every now and then I feel like using the rest room. I'm not always comfortable in my stomach. My diet is good, with lots of vegetables and fruits.

      Peter, you have to immediately reduce your bathroom usage so that you are pushing no more than 30 seconds daily. One or two visits of 15 seconds each (mine usually take 12 seconds) should be plenty for you. You may also need to do the "suck in your gut" exercises a few dozen times every time you get the number 2 bathroom urge. As far as your diet goes, you may want to experiment with Peter D'Adamo's Genotype Diet for possible hints about food toxicities that could be making your stomach uncomfortable. Common sensitivities include wheat, corn, soy, nightshades (potato, tomato, eggplant), and improperly (quick, modern industrial age) prepared grains, nuts, and legumes. Look also into traditional ways to prepare seeds before eating them.

      ToiletMaster said...

      Excellent blog and good comments.

      I had my first attack of mega external thrombosed (clotted veins) hemmoroids in 2011. After 2 days of them, i was prepared to have surgery to have them removed. The surgeon looked at them, with 3 other staff (for some reason) and said they are sizable. He said if I cut that out you will have some skin issues etc and other things, can't remember details. A month later I saw a consultant who graded them 3/4 (nearly outside)

      Anyway, what I did for 6-8 months was to use anal irrigation with a syringe. quick and easy way to keep bowel movements down to nothing. People with Spinal cord injuries and similar use a proper flushing deviceso they are empty all day. I kept the rectum at low pressure by using anal irrigation and on the next check
      6 months later, the consultant said, they have shrunk, now 2/3 grade. He said carry on what you are doing.

      Anyway, I started going normally again in 2012 and get a slight apperance of hemmroid when I wipe these days.
      I eat lots of fibre etc. This makes bowel movements easy although bulky.

      I would say, don't defy your natural bowel movement convulsions, listen to your body.
      I avoid ingredients in foods that give me loose stools as they seem to agitate the rectum as well. The ingredients seem to have a laxative effect. I suggest you check FODMAP ingredients to keep bowel movements bulky ish but soft. However, if runny suits you, then keep eating the FODMAPS.
      There is also the mention that in many countries, squatting toilets are far more favourable to the naturally occuring hemmoroid pads in the rectum.

      That is some chilli recipe which I might cook some day. mmmm
      I drink about 3 -5 litres liquids per day (winter vs summer) and about 8-12 slices wholemeal bread.
      Some white bread and pastries etc biscuits gives me temporary IBS symptoms, nasty, yet I find wholemeal in abundance never ever causes laxative effects or foul gas, bloating pains.

      The consultant reckoned that I would need surgery, whether it the traditional ufo on a stick treatment lol or the newer HALO.
      I told the last rectal person I saw that I will hold off until things get bad again.

      Laxido/macrogol didn't do much for me once any potential constipation was cleared. It can't do its job if there is nothing in its way to soften.
      Drink more for goodness sake, help your urinary system as well. Do you want increased stone risk, noooo.

      Chilli, garlic and cayeene will also give you a boost of libido.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Good stuff, Toiletmaster. I bet they are right about the squatting toilets. Interesting to hear about the irrigation. Anything to reduce strain in that area.

      Anonymous said...

      Another cause of constipation other than dehydration or inadequate fiber is iron supplement. It happened that the prenatal vitamin I was taking precipitated my problem with hemmorrhoids. And just to make you feel better, I have spent 10 years dealing with it constantly. All of the advice in here is spot on. Except I would advocate squatting on the potty better than just leaning head down. Also abdominal massage and exercise. I'm not cured yet but I can feel it getting better. Slow process for me. This is the best website about it.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Yes. I would like to comment on squatting and abdominal massage. It is very helpful to squat above the toilet instead of sitting on the toilet. It also is helpful in the case of extreme acute constipation to attempt to knead the contents of the large intestine with your hands by reclining totally relaxed and deeply kneading your abdomen where you know the large intestine and particularly the blockage is. Also you can knead your buttocks near your anus from behind to help loosen an acute blockage. Of course a Master Cleanse water flush is also effective for acute blockage, and general good hydration and fibrous (bulky) diet is good for long-term bowel health. The long term risk of constipation is diverticulosis that can lead to diverticulitis, not a good thing.

      lalu parsad said...

      what is why we cannot kill any illness permanently? I was hospitalized when it was my first stage of Piels. I got 7 bottles of blood then I got saved and after that I am spending 10 minutes in my toilet wash Wipe and push them with your hands. I am not eating any dish which contains red chilli if you will eating the red chilli then it will kill you within a month or two Months never never never used or red chilli. I am eating only 1 roti with vegetables in my breakfast and lunch only juice and food chart and in dinner if I eat more than 2 roti delhi there will be fresher and go to toilet wash Wipe and then push done with your hands it is the daily routine voice account with will any illness permanently can anyone named me and tell me anyone disease which can be killed? the truth is this disease will be with you as your soul in your body your bPiath till the time you are alive so just get used to enjoy with Piels and try not to eat chilli note to put pressure in your back so that you can spend only and only 10 minutes in toilet not more than that.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Lalu, I agree very much that we all must die. I think, however, that even you can be free of hemorrhoids if you will focus creatively on these two nutshell recommendations.

      1. Push gently, briefly, and rarely (daily).
      2. Pull intensely, promptly, and habitually

      I know that you can find a way to spend 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes on the toilet. I spend normally 12 seconds pushing, and I do that 1 or 2 times daily. I am able to avoid constipation by drinking large quantities of plain water (so that urine is always very pale, though not colorless, and nasal breathing is easy, and lips are full and moist) and eating lots of whole food. When I rely too much, for example, on white rice, I may get constipated and require 15 or 20 seconds pushing on the toilet. If I fail to drink enough, I may get constipated and require even more than 30 seconds. This is not healthy.

      You can do it. Hemorrhoids are not the normal condition!

      RogersG said...

      I have been suffering for the past 2 weeks and I am completely at my wits end. I will try these methods for to see what results I will derive from same. This is my second attack of piles in 5 or so years and I hope this works as I am devastated by the pain.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      In a nutshell:

      1. Push gently, briefly, and rarely (daily)
      2. Pull intensely, promptly, and habitually (any time)

      For motivation and encouragement, you might peruse all 5 of my posts on hemorrhoids (see upper right list of "labels"). Some of them are long and redundant; others are short and have fresh ideas.

      Anonymous said...

      I've had haemorrhoid for the past six or seven years, can't even remember how long it's been. Anyway, long story short, I come from a tropical island where we eat mostly asian, indian and african food. I used to eat lots of chilli and spices everyday. I moved to Australia in the past ten years and my haemorrhoid started soon after I moved here. Definitely diet related.

      I tried all sorts of things, Metamucil daily, highest possible fibre breakfast cereal, no more coffee, lots of water daily, but my suffering kept coming and going. Sometimes I would be okay for months at a time, and then the bleeding would start again.

      During these years of suffering, I read a lot about haemorrhoids and went to see specialists twice. They both said that I should have surgery.

      Then I decided that I could not go on like this anymore. I started a new diet! I started eating chilli on a daily basis, not the American "chilli" which is beans and peppers, etc... but I started to eat normally, i.e bread, rice, fast food, but the twist is that I always use a big serving of chilli sauce, tabasco sauce, sweet chilli, whatever is available.

      It has now been two months and I did not have bleeding. The swelling is extremely limited. It goes away a few minutes after I've been on the toilet. Worst case is that the swelling stays for a few hours, but nothing bad, I can still sit down, ride my bike, drive the car, etc...

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Wow! That is useful information. Thanks.

      Anonymous said...

      In the past five years I notice the lump comes back once a year. Each year staying for a day or two longer. I recall the first time it apperred when I was wiping and noticed a drop of blood. Each time it returns the blood seems to be a larger amount. Five days ago I noticed the lump and a red toilet bowl. I switched up my dirt and not having to strain yesterday and today but noticed once I start to poop everything is fine then four seconds later the blood drips return. My lump is about the size of a pencils eraser on the outside. It doesn't hurt and doesn't itch. I'm trying the garlic today and a cold ice back compress. Just worried about the bleeding. I know girls loose a lot of blood.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      I like your description of the size. I wonder what is happening occasionally that causes you a hemorrhoid. My solution boils down to "push less and pull more". Other people seem to have some success with chiles. I think that if you pull firmly for at least a minute after no more than 15 seconds of pushing no more than twice daily and maybe add occasional pulling exercises during the day, your condition will improve immediately.

      Anonymous said...

      I have been reading all the comments and got some really good advise. I have been suffering from (what I call) a cluster of hemorrhoids for several years now with lots of bleeding. I have difficulty walking and sitting. The thought of having to go to the washroom is a terrifying is a brutal experience, very painful. I also suffer from IBS which means I tend to use the washroom for a BM several times a day. Some days are better than others but any time I go it is unbelievably painful. I will take some of the suggestions here and give them a try and see if it helps. Thanks for your post and advise.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Best wishes. I wonder if you could have undiscovered food sensitivities. Have you tried an elimination diet? Have you tried eating probiotics?

      Anonymous said...

      I have tried the elimination process and have found a few foods that trigger the IBS. I haven't gone the probiotics root yet but am going to look into it. Thanks again for your post...very helpful

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Yeah. A lot of people are sensitive in varying degrees to wheat, dairy, nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant), corn, soy, glutamates, and aspartates. It seems to often boil down to the same lurkers. Peter D'Adamo's Genotype diet or Elaine Gotschall's Specific Carbohydrate Diet or the writings of John Syme's (dogtorj) may give you some hints.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Stella Nobody commented:

      I'm currently suffering from a horrible thrombosed external... had to take off work, and have had trouble walking around and bending down. The pain was so intense that it has brought me to tears. I've been using all the typical treatments (topicals, witch hazel, sitz bath, etc.) and drinking loads of water and prune juice, but it still hurt badly. Tonight, however, I found the first bit of relief: I made a turmeric and olive oil paste, heated it up in the microwave for about 40 seconds, put the paste on a cotton pad and applied it to my hemorroid. After about two seconds of discomfort because of the heat, relief from the pain set in. I'm so happy I could cry (again)! Don't know if this treatment will work in the long run, but it's great for the moment.... :)

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Stella, I haven't focused here on pain relief, but I am happy that you are finding temporary relief of your suffering.

      hemorrhoids cure said...


      Some popular herbs used by people for relief are bromelain (anti-inflammatory), aloe very juice and butcher’s broom work well.


      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      I assume those are for temporary symptom relief (first aid)?

      Hemant Vyas said...

      How a man got it who cant understand English. ..

      Hemant Vyas said...

      How a man understand this cure without knowing such English

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Please read this article and let me know if you still have questions:
      Permanent Hemorrhoid Cure Steps in Simple English

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you for sharing this.

      I'm 34 and just got my first external hemo. What worked for me was: change the diet (more fiber), take salt baths, put ice on my butt, and stand upside down.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      That sounds about right. I love the standing upside down. All this stuff really works. Push less; pull more.

      Fay said...

      Wow! Really useful site and I wish I'd found it earlier... Will try the pulling in method and improve posture.

      The doctor said that besides an external pile, I also have a polyp from the inside protruding out next to the pile. This sounds so gross. She recommended surgery to remove both.

      Is there any way to reduce the polyp, remove it or retract it without surgery? Would the pulling in method work?

      The thought of surgery just terrifies me.

      Thank you for your patience in discussing such delicate matters openly.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Fay, in my experience, both polyps and external hemorrhoids will disappear or shrink significantly if you reduce pushing time down to well under 30 seconds daily and teach yourself how to be fully pulled together the rest of the day. What I would suggest is trying everything I've suggested until you settle on a way of being that works for you, then give yourself a couple of months of pulling before having a doctor check your colon again. Remember, I had mine cut out as a teenager, and I've had subsequent ones in my 20's cleared up naturally.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Clarification: I have had ALL subsequent ones prevented or cleared up (even bleeding ones) naturally.

      Carmichael said...

      I want to thank you as your blog probably saved my son's life. His was so bad that radical surgery was needed, but he found this information and in less than a week, no more bleeding and prolapsed hemorrhoids receding. As a side note, my chronic, life long constipation is a thing of the past from following what he did. Thank you and I always send my friends to this site. We are all grateful.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Thank you for brightening my day with your words of gratitude, Carmichael! That's too awesome.

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you, Thank You Mr Haws!! Such hope has your blog instilled!! If I gave the medical fraternity a chance at cutting out my hemorrhoids, I am certain I would be a stand out case for the Medical Journal of the world! So utterly horrid are my hemmies! I started your posture exercises as I read them and I felt an instant improvement. I'm all over your suggestions and on to it big time. After reading so much info for so long, your blog makes the most sense.Thank you for sharing your experiences and results. You are a kind man for going to so much trouble in the hope of helping others! I will let you know how I go!! Kind regards, The Hemmie Queen of Australia! : )

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      :-D What more can I say? You brightened my morning.

      Anonymous said...

      Hi Thomas,

      I was constipated about a week and a half ago and must have pushed too hard because I developed a couple of external hemorrhoids. I immediately started drinking lots of water and eating lots of fiber. I've been able to have a bowel movement everyday, though they have been inconsistent. Some are a bit softer, some are a bit harder, and they have happened at different times. When I feel the urge I immediately go to the bathroom, but unless I push a bit it will not happen on it's own. So I am still pushing to be able to make it happen, and it hurts. That must not be helping the healing. I also bought some anusol cream about 6 days ago and have been using it all day. So far nothing has really improved them they've stayed the same. I'd love to know what my next move should be. I got away on vacation in 10 days and really want these to be gone by the time I leave. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      You are drinking water. You are eating fiber. This is helping you to push less. Now I suggest you focus on pulling more.

      1. See if you can figure out how to do pulling exercises and try repeating them a total of dozens of times throughout a day.

      2. Make sure you pull yourself back together thoroughly before dressing and leaving the bathroom, ideally beginning within 15 seconds of initially pushing. Begin with several pulls even as you are wiping. Continue with several pulls with your bottom up and head down. Continue with a few pulls as you dress. Remain in the bathroom pulling until all bathroom urge has left, indicating that you are completely pulled together.

      3. Double-check your posture and clothing to be sure you aren't pushing all day. This probably is not an issue since you haven't had hemorrhoids in the past.

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for the quick reply Thomas. Actually, I've had a hemorrhoid once before, about 4 years ago. I was on vacation and not drinking enough water so I had to strain hard to have a BM and it was excruciating. I was pretty uneducated on the topic back then so I somehow managed to power through it over several weeks as it was pretty small and it went away. Since then I've had issues with hard stool from stress and again not drinking enough water. It seems like I've found the route of the problem (dehydration and possibly a mild case of IBS from stress) but now that I'm in the situation that I'm in, with a larger more painful hemorrhoid, and drinking water and eating fiber, it seems like this posture exercised are my only other option. Can you describe a little more detailed what you mean by sucking in? Is it an action of flexing/squeezing my cheeks together and standing up straight so that the hemorrhoid pulls itself back up? I'm trying to do that I just want to make sure I'm doing the right motion as it sounds bit complicated. Let me know and thanks again for your help. Also, I work in an office sitting all day so that must not help, is there anything specific I should do there other than sitting up straight to speed up the healing?

      Anonymous said...

      I've heard than an epsom salts bath (of several inches in the tub) can soothe them but also help shrink them quite a bit. Is this something you would recommend as well?

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      "Pull more, push less" is the best description I've found for what I am talking about. It's the opposite of pushing everything down. It's pulling everything up "out of your pelvis and into your chest". You may want to try creatively pulling while you inhale a slow long breath. The buttocks will contract some. The rectum will pull back from the anus. The navel will shy away from the belt buckle. For a man, the scrotum will ascend. And I may even find my eyes bulging, my eyebrows raising, my ears wiggling, and my scalp shifting. :-D :-D :-D

      This is really important to master because every time you recall your hemorrhoid, you will want to pull. That way you will be quickly healed.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      I don't have any experience with epsom salts.

      Here's another explanation of pulling:

      When you are finished pushing on the toilet, you pull. Pay close attention to that pulling and do it every time you have hemorrhoid pain, sensation, concern, reminder, or memory. And in the bathroom, do it longer and more intentionally.

      Anonymous said...


      I just wanted to leave a thank you because your techniques have change my life. I am 39(male) years old and have fought with hemorrhoids for 15 years and the last 3 years have been awful. I was at wits end when I found your blog.

      I have been 100% hemorrhoid free for 5 weeks now and cant believe the difference this has made.

      The things that I have used the most are:

      1. quick trips to the bathroom. Even if I have to go more often, I spend less than a minute. If its not time, its not time...
      (a note on this, at first I felt like I was "full" a lot more than before and this was a bit uncomfortable at times but way better than hemorrhoid pain, this seems to be improving as I adjust)

      2. pull way more that push. push as needed but then pull 5 times longer. If you push and nothing happens, stop pushing.

      3. I lay down for about 3-5 minutes after. even if I start to feel some swelling after, laying down and pulling, the swelling goes away.

      4. every once in a while I am in an hurry cant lay down after. If swelling starts, I carefully, physically push everything back in. I was surprised how well this works. some times you have to do what you have to do...

      Again, Thank you for this blog!

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      This is awesome! Your unique ways of expressing your discoveries will likely be in turn helpful to somebody else. Thanks so much for letting us all know.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      p.s. I endorse your comment 100%. It is spot on, and you, I think, have practiced good science.

      Anonymous said...

      Just real quick, another success story. I've been having issues for about 5 weeks, I can't imagine how anyone could deal with it for years. It is DEFINITELY not a normal situation you want to just accept and live with!

      I've been trying a lot of things, and I think a lot has helped, but the "push less, pull more" is what ultimately did it for me. From the first moment, it started improving.

      I'm not sure what brought it on in the first place, since nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen, but I'll be more mindful of diet and habits for the future.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Well, yes. That is it in a nutshell, isn't it? Thanks for the feedback!

      Anonymous said...

      Thomas I have been suffering for about the last few weeks and have tried all kinds of remedies and horrible spammy websites with misinformed information. I have been to multiple doctors and specialist not available to late January. I am away in holidays at the moment and out of desperation some how ended up here on your blog.

      I have been following your fantastic instructions for 3 days now and have have seen massive results. More has happened in the last few days than the last 3 weeks. Every time I was having a bm I was making it worse and was about the size of a grape. Now it's still large but is almost flat with the surface now instead of sticking out a couple of inches.

      All pain is gone and the thrombosis seems to be subsiding, it's all soft now as if the blood clot is breaking up.

      It seems all my issues have been caused by dehydration and pushing far too long.

      In the last few days I have also been rocking back and fourth while pushing during a bm. It's been a shitting revolution for me. I was also using vicks for pain relief and it's definitely effective and has also helped to reduce the swelling and clotting I believe.

      Thank you so much for your help though without this website and fantastic information my Christmas holiday would have been unbearable. The whole pulling thing and excercises should be the norm for treatment and doctors need to read this blog.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful Christmas news! And congratulations on finding permanent relief.

      Anonymous said...

      Hi thom.
      I try your method and what can i say it works! after pulling it for a minute a day in just 2 days all the pain that i am suffering for almosta year is gone. I promised myself that if this pulling method heal me iam gonna leave a message and share my experience so that others can read it.
      Again thanks

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Very groovy, Ben. Thanks so much for reporting back!

      Anonymous said...

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. It's worth reading and implementing.
      My question is that first stool which comes out is usually hard as compared to later ones. How to get rid of it?

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      The hard stool indicates you aren't drinking enough water. In the long term, you get rid of that hard stool by making sure your urine stays as light as lemonade rather than as dark as apple juice. In the short term, if you are having trouble getting the stool out, drinking a quart or more of warm water with a teaspoon of salt per quart can help. Also manually massaging your anus and buttocks and even your intestine/colon from the front can help. If you are having trouble flushing a hard stool down the toilet, I don't have any special tips.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      p.s. Also, an enema or a commercial mini enema like Fleet saline laxative from the drugstore may help you fix acute constipation.

      Anonymous said...

      Hi. I have read all the wonderful helpful comments but am wondering what is your number one method for reducing swelling ASAP. I'm in so much pain from an external hemorrhoid I can barely walk or sit. Also what is the Vicks garlic treatment? I'm willing to try anything besides surgery.
      No more reading on the toilet for me. I had no idea it could be a cause of this painful situation. Thank you for creating a space to discuss such a sensitive personal matter.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      When I was in the greatest pain I simply used the pain as a reminder to pull more and push less. That didn't make sitting or riding a bike any easier. Though I don't have any experience with it, I would assume that any topical pain treatment like Preparation H would be good first aid. The good thing is that if you follow the suggestions of the commenter above who said "at wits end" (use your browser's search tool such as CTRL+F or F3), you should have relief in a few days. Let me know if you don't immediately know what to do.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      p.s. Number 1: Fix everything immediately. Pull more. Push less. Wear your clothes right. Suck in your gut, lift up your chest, and tighten your buttocks. Drink plenty of water. Push for 15 seconds before wiping and pull for 2 minutes (upside down) after wiping in the bathroom. Learn the pulling exercises. Lie down for a few minutes pulling after the bathroom.

      Sonji Lewis said...

      I just want to say that I am do very grateful for this information. I have been in tears for two months due to my roids. I have only worked maybe a week total during this time. Anywho, after going to the doctor, twice, being prescribed lidocaine (which we found out I'm allergic to), trying hydrocortisone ointment 2.5%, trying garlic, acv, Vicks, horse chestnut, ichthamol, neosporin, coconut oil, tea tree oil, castor oil, Vicodin, witch hazel, sitz baths, Epsom salt, and anusol suppositories, I figured I'm up got anything.Hi,
      I just want to say that I am do very grateful for this information. I have been in tears for two months due to my roids. I have only worked maybe a week total during this time. Anywho, after going to the doctor, twice, being prescribed lidocaine (which we found out I'm allergic to), trying hydrocortisone ointment 2.5%, trying garlic, acv, Vicks, horse chestnut, ichthamol, neosporin, coconut oil, tea tree oil, castor oil, Vicodin, witch haze
      Today I was in so much pain that I began searching the web again. I read your info and had dreaded going to the bathroom but decided to go and try your method suggested. OMG!! For the first time in two months, I felt relief. The pain wasn't totally gone, but my arse wasn't on fire!!! All I can say is since then, I've been sucking in my gut and pulling every time I think about it....which is quite often because as hemorrhoid sufferers the thought consumes us. All I have to say is that I am eternally grateful for having found relief after begging God to help me. He sent me to you today!! Thank you!!

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Glory in the highest, and thank you for taking the time to express your appreciation, Sonji. What a testimonial.

      Anonymous said...

      Do you have any advice for painless skin tags left over from hemorrhoids post-pregnancy? It's mostly a cosmetic issue, but still very upsetting.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Unfortunately I don't. My guess is that time heals all wounds. Probably the things everybody in general always recommends for health and happiness are helpful: walks, hikes, swimming, stress reduction, meditation, yoga, etc.

      Tejveer Solanki said...

      Hello Tom,

      Frist of all thank you very much for such good information.i was suffering from 2nd degree external hemorrhoid and spent lot of money by visting doctors and finally i started reading on internet and found some valuable information so now i am doing the below things and seeing much improvement in condition.

      1. daily i am apply coconut oil 2-3 times and then rinse it off.
      2. doing buttock exercise as much as i can and aim is to complete 100.
      3. doing few yoga exercise in morning for 20 mins.

      To be honest i am healing and swelling has gone but the only thing i am worried about is that i do have hard stool some which aggravate the problem.

      if you could help on this thing,i ll be obliged.

      Thanks for doing a good work!

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Tejveer, my first suggestion would be for you to make sure you are habitually drinking enough water for your urine to be the color of pale lemonade instead of the color of apple juice. Occasionally it is also okay for your urine to be completely colorless. You may like to also eat more hot cereal and soup to increase your liquid intake. Somehow or other, you need to make sure you are not dehydrated. This will soften your stools.

      My second suggestion is for you to make sure you are eating enough fiber by eating more natural plant foods. Meat, eggs, white flour, and white rice don't provide fiber.

      If you will, for example, have a huge bowl of oatmeal with fruit sweetening every day, you probably will rarely have a hard stool again.

      With love and best wishes,

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Tejveer, you can cure an acute case of constipation easily with water as I describe in this story.

      Anonymous said...

      Great information sharing and thanks to everyone for sharing your views.

      Anonymous said...

      I'm sorry if you already answered this, but I'm wondering how long it took you to cure your hemorrhoid.

      I'm currently suffering from what I think is a grade 3 prolapsed internal hemorrhoid about the size of a cranberry. It only seems to show itself after a bowel movement, no matter how soft my stool is. I can usually push it back in where it stays, but it will partly poke out if I stand or walk around too much, causing me too feel like I have a cotton ball wedged up there. I think I have a smaller one next to it too. The only way I can make it manageable is by using prep h and ice packs. I'm at my wits end. Doctors are pretty unsympathetic, especially if these are the result of child birth (which they are). I already drastically changed my diet where I eat mostly veggies and drink a ton of water. Also my bowel movements only last a few seconds, but still that cranberry won't shrink. It's been over 2 months since I've started my new hemmorhoid diet and change in bathroom habits. I'm about to consider noninvasive surgery. Please tell me your method will fix me! I just need to know how long I need to do it before I start seeing results.

      Thank you.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Inside a hemorrhoid that size is a large blood clot. It may be necessary once for you to have it cut out by a doctor. Try this article first and let me know how it goes. Stop Hemorrhoid Pain Permanently in Three Days

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      ...a doctor or a skillful loved one. Please let me know.

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for the fast reply. I don't believe it's thrombosed as it doesn't hurt, nor is it hard or dark colored. I am seeing a regular doctor tomorrow and will ask about this. I won't be able to see a specialist until April unfortunately.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      People tell me (and my experience validates) they get very fast results. So if relief is eluding you, there may be something you are missing. Did you try the exercises and the clothing and posture tips?

      Anonymous said...

      Sorry, I meant that I've only been doing the dieting and squatting to go to the bathroom for 2 months. I've only been doing the pulling for 2 days. Hopefully it works for me. Hope long did it take you for your hemorrhoid to go away?

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Pain usually goes away pretty quick like that post says. Total lump disappearance depends on the size of the lump etc. Like I said before, you may need to have it cut out, but I would give it a couple of months. I would expect pain to subside significantly in a few days and for the lump to retract inside within a week or two. Those exercises and thoughts should really help. Let me know.


      Anonymous said...

      I will keep following your methods. Wish me luck! Saw the doc today and she said my hemmorhoids would never shrink or get better. So, needless to say, very depressed right now. But I'm trying to be optimistic. She wasn't a specialist, after all. If it worked for others and yourself, hopefully it will for me too.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Well, like I said, your doctor may be right. But you definitely want to get the condition cured before you go having the blood clot cut out. You want it to be the last time.

      Good luck. Stay in touch.

      Firsttimemommy said...

      So I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have had hemmroids off and on for the past year and a half. They really haven't bothered me much until just recently when they started bleeding and becoming so painful I could barely walk... Do you have any suggestions that I can do while still pregnant? Thank you for any advice you can give I've tried prep H, tumeric, witch hazel sitz baths and ice and nothing seems to help they are just getting worse...

      Anonymous said...

      I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my second child I have never experienced external hems before until a few weeks ago. I have been quite bad for having constipation during this pregnancy, but that wasnt the cause it was whrn i had diarhhea. The first one I had a few weeks ago which was small and a little painful I had no clue what to do so just went for baths and after a few days it was gone. This time however started off small and has gotten slightly bigger and more painful also bleeding I looked up other articles and seen that baths and ice were meant to help but that didn't help me. I've tried to eat better but most foods I have went off. I am drinking more water since reading this article and also clenching my bottom and spending less time in the bathroom. I started reading this last night and doing the butt clenching and felt it had gotten smaller but still very much painful. I was starting to get very annoyed before reading this as everytime I tried to get it to go back up it came back down even when I went to the toilet or had to pass wind. I will try cleansing with salt water and using vaseline as well as a few other methods and see what happens.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      I'm glad you are seeing improvement. Baths, ice, and vaseline are mostly to give you immediate pain relief. That is important, but my focus on this site is fast and permanent healing. If you need hope, motivation, and more insight and ideas, please read all the comments on this post, especially the one that includes the word "39(male)" (search using CTRL+F in your browser). Also read my Stop Hemorrhoid Pain Permanently in Three Days post and the other posts I have under the subject hemorrhoids.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      p.s. All my hemorrhoids posts

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for educating us about bodily functions! I've not had bleeding since learning how to'tuck myself back in', unless I eat oatmeal or cheerios. In the past, I could actually hear the blood spraying out as I sat on the toilet, but never had any pain (fortunately). I suspect the same action that makes oatmeal heart healthy, by abrasively cleaning our arteries, is also scratching open my hemorrhoid. Is there another non-wheat food to replace the health benefits of oats? Also, I've been trying your suggestion of pulling myself in along with holding in my stomach muscles and standing up straighter, but now have a searing back pain if I move a certain way....I guess I'm just really out of shape!

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Hi. We have had similar experiences, it seems. I overdid it on my posture attempts and got terrible back pain once too. As a result, I have said in some of my posts to be sure not to overdo it. I think it may be a matter of live and learn.

      For years I avoided oats, which are some of my favorite food, because I associated them with my hemorrhoids. I think that what was happening was that I was visiting the bathroom too many times daily. Once I learned to put myself back together and to limit my bathroom trips to the necessary, I was again able to eat oatmeal. Now I have oatmeal nearly every day. Rice and corn might be good substitutes for oats meanwhile if you'd prefer to do that. I sometimes have polenta for a breakfast cereal. And sometimes I have rice for breakfast cereal.

      Anonymous said...

      Hi, I've had roids for years, bleeding etc. I got some relief using lactulose but I couldn't understand why when I stopped it I tended to get constipated and couldn't go for up to 3 days even while eating lots of fibre and fruit and drinking about 1 litre or more a day. My recent discovery is that replacing my standard 2 wheat biscuits for breakfast with OAT based muesli has made a big difference. I've been reading about Oats and they seem fantastic and contain a good amount of soluble fibre. So I really recommend it. The wheat biscuits were also high fibre but I guess not all fibre is as good for you.

      Thomas Gail Haws said...

      Constipation is no fun. A friend found that dehydration was the reason for his constipation. But I don't think all the white rice he eats helps much either. Oats are great for getting it all out.