Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Power of Plain Water

Plain water

Sweet, unadulterated, calcium-laden, calorie-free water

Cold water

Hot water

Clean water

Happy, happy water

Water is one of the most dangerous substances known to mankind.  Water alone kills 388,000 people annually worldwide by drowning.  This dangerous substance is also a great key to health and peace.

Water Cures Thirst

First and most plainly, water cures thirst.  This may seem patently trivial.  But what if we in our unenlightened state go about mistaking plain, simple water thirst for dislike, anger, anxiety, pressure, frustration, exasperation, fear, despair, and any other form of general low level negative feeling?  What if we carry around trivial negative feelings that are aggravated and confused with plain old water thirst?

Here is a simple experiment to try.  Find a pleasing source and temperature of plain water and keep a drink near you at all times.  Every time you experience unspecified or unexplained negative feeling, stop (you may come to find that stopping is an equal or bigger mechanism of the experiment than drinking) and enjoy a leisurely, luxurious drink.  Note the results of the experiment.

Water Helps Cure Hemorrhoids

I've blogged here about how to cure hemorrhoids permanently.  A big part of that cure is reducing bathroom time significantly.  But if we aren't drinking enough, we may be suffering from constipation that prevents our reducing our bathroom time.  And if we are in the habit of drinking harmful things, we may have trouble with obesity that prevents reducing our bathroom time.  For some of us, starting a water habit may be the missing key to curing our hemorrhoids.

Water Helps Cure Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

I've blogged here about how to reverse gum disease without flossing.  A big part of that is learning to enjoy plain water.  Elements of dental health like water swishing and a nightly fast depend on learning to enjoy plain water.

Plain Water Contains Significant Dietary Calcium

I've blogged with source documentation about the contribution of plain hard water to the dietary calcium requirement.

Water Regulates Your Temperature

Water, along with food and clothing, can be an inexpensive way to help regulate your body temperature.  Instead of staying indoors and heating or cooling a dwelling or office to the same temperature year-round, you can adjust seasonally, eating and drinking at temperatures that help heat and cool your body as required.

Water Does Much More

I suppose it's obvious that water does much, much more than I could possibly mention, or you could possibly care to read, from helping to heal numerous diseases to keeping the body clean and beautiful.  Please find a source and temperature of water you enjoy and a container you can keep near you, and drink enough to keep your urine as light as of pale lemonade, not as dark as apple juice.

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