Monday, October 26, 2009

Hemmorhoids, Their Cause and Their Natural Permanent Cure


I am a reasonably healthy and trim, but lately sedentary,
father and engineer. I have suffered occasional hemorrhoids since
the early 1980's (my teen years). My first hemorrhoids were
surgically removed.
Since then I have learned the cause and
therefore the way to quickly stop my hemorrhoid
problems. The purpose of this post is to share my experience and


Hemorrhoids are swollen (varicose) blood vessels that form at the end of my large intestine, or colon, and sometimes protrude externally where I can feel them as a lump while cleaning after a bowel movement. My hemorrhoids are sometimes painful enough to disturb my daily routine of sitting, standing, and activity. My hemorrhoids sometimes bleed and sometimes develop blood clots.

My hemorrhoids form due to excessive or prolonged pressure on the area of the end of my large intestine, usually as a result of (surprise!) poor health habits. Immediate correction of the conditions responsible for the excessive or prolonged pressure invariably begins to alleviate my hemorrhoids within several days. Alleviation is indicated first by relief of any bleeding and pain, second by retraction of the lump(s) into the colon, and third by the absence of any sensation of the presence of lumps in the colon.


The conditions responsible for my hemorrhoids are discussed in the list below along with the corrective measures I take:

  • Posture. If I become sloppy in my posture, failing to suck in my gut, and letting my abdominal muscles perpetually relax, I place myself perpetually in a posture semi-prepared for a bowel movement, which encourages hemorrhoids. An
    immediate corrective measure I take when I am correcting a hemorrhoid or am concerned about a recurrence of hemorrhoids is to suck in my gut and evaluate my daily posture. After a bowel movement do I use my muscles to pull myself back together? Do I have enough muscle tone and control that coughs and sneezes do not stress my colon? Is there anything about my daily activities that I could do in a way that would improve my muscle tone?

  • Daily bowel movement time and procedure. The most common factor in my hemorrhoids is too much daily time spent in bowel movements. Under ideal and normal conditions, it is most healthy to spend less than 30 seconds daily in the posture
    of combined regional relaxation and pressure required for a bowel movement. When I can remember, I try to retract before the count of ten. But habits linger from my childhood, when cleaning with tissue often produced additional bowel movement urges, and I commonly made repeated attempts to evacuate every last gram from my colon.
    Lately, bathroom reading material supplied by others contributes to lengthy bowel movement time. And I sometimes fall into the habit of making several daily bowel movements, which multiplies the offending time. The first corrective action I take is to reduce my daily time in number two business to one hasty visit.
    Here is my recommended procedure:

    1. I prepare my cleaning tissue in advance.

    2. I rest my chest on/between my knees, my belly on/between my thighs, and my hands on my ankles or the tops of my feet, staring at my heels and toes (see Nathaniel Hawthorne Bronner, Jr., Quick Fasting: How to BM).

    3. I relax and push gently while I count (hopefully to ten).

    4. I immediately and forcefully retract my bowel muscles after just seconds of pushing.

    5. I clean gently while continuing to retract (using my bowel control muscles to bring my colon back into normal posture) repeatedly with all the strength I can muster, gently pushing the hemorrhoid inward by hand if necessary. "Wow! That was (oof!) fast. I'll be (wince!) better in no time."

  • Diet. If my diet has been poor, it is sometimes difficult to limit bowel pressure time to 30 seconds daily. If my stools don't cooperate with good bowel habits, my first corrective measures are 1) to check that I am hydrating well by
    seeing that my urine is very light in color and heavy in flow and 2) to eat some psyllium husk (what Metamucil is made of). I then remind myself to cut back on processed food like white flour. In my case, as often as not, my diet is excessively bulky, with lots of whole grain bread and oatmeal, which ironically sometimes leads to hemorrhoids by encouraging too much daily bowel activity and continual bowel pressure. So I have to strike a happy medium between constipation (due to
    dehydration or poor intake) and overactivity. In the case of overactivity, I have to discipline my bowel muscles to retain my stool for dewatering until my daily business.

  • Clothing. If I wear pants that are too tight around the waist and lower abdomen, I become accustomed to pressure in the lower abdomen. I relax my abdominal
    muscles, letting my body settle into my pants. This relaxation and pressure contributes to my hemorrhoids. Therefore, one of the corrective actions when I suffer hemorrhoids is to change into a loose-fitting pair of pants, possibly with suspenders, and re-train my muscles to do their job sucking in my gut.

  • If you can improve this advice or if it helps you, let me know.


Unknown said...

Some things I found helpful... Every day take 2 to 3 figs. Place in small 3" pyrex bowl and microwave 2 minutes. Add green tea for taste, and stevia to sweeten. I cut up the figs with edge of spoon. Add 8 ounces of water and drink all down.

they 100% cold-pressed buckthorn oil in brown bottle and keep in refrigerator because goes rancid quick. Drink 1 - 2 tablespoons a day. Take tiny piece of cotton ball and put few drops of buckthorn oil on it. Apply to hemorrhoid area. Dip q-tip in Oil... Slowly stick it up anus ( be careful to have it go up the hole at correct angle and don't push hard and puncture yourself, of course). Extract slowly. Stains yellow so sit on dark towels, put dark towel on bed.

I use bottle from company called, "Health and Beauty Natural oils, 100% cold pressed.

Buy small anal bulb syringe. Add 1/4 teaspoon sea salt with squirt of Thayer's Alcohol-free witch hazel with aloe. Fill bulb once, squeeze out all air while holding tip upright, then fill all the way with more liquid until no more air left in bulb. Lubricate tip with 100% coconuts oil, buckthorn or olive oil. Insert carefully and squirt entire 2 1/2" bulb ) inside. Retain forever. This helps with pain.

Buy toilet sitz bath. Add 1/2 cup salt water and sqirt of witch hazel. Add 1 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar with mother. This will be correct pH. Every third time use 1/2 cup Epsom salts. Magnesium is alkaline, and skin must be acidic or yeast might grow, so finish by sitting in water with 1/2 teaspoon Vinegar for a minute. Blow dry.

Learn how to do yoga sarvangasana (shoulder stand) or sirshisana (head stand) and do pulling exercises while inverted (learn how to use muscles to pull butt hole inward)

Unknown said...

Drink 1/4 cup of Georges distilled aloe vera juice a day followed by large glass of water. Try Hem-rid, which is horse chestnut with witch hazel leaves.

Add chia seeds, flax seeds, trader Joe's super seed and ancient grade blend to 1 cup plain yoghurt, bio active manuka honey, cut-up fruit ( blueberries are great for hemorrhoids ).

After each bowel movement use preparation H wipes. Sharpen knife sharpener and cut wipes in half, place all in Tupperware container and always use each bowel movement.

Juice carrots, juice raw cabbage and few turnips with garlic clove. Tastes bad, works great. Drink every day.

Thomas Gail Haws said...

Gary, it sounds like a lot of your remedies are for acute pain or for avoiding constipation. Thanks! My focus is on permanent healing, and that includes avoiding constipation. And I guess when you are in pain an immediate remedy can be very good!

Anonymous said...

So I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have had hemmroids on and off for the past year or so... My hemmroids really haven't bothered me too much until just a few days ago they started bleeding and becoming so painful I could barely walk. Sitting in a sitz bath right now lol for some temporary relief... I've tried tumeric powder mixed with olive oil along with prep H and witch hazel pads and ice... Do you have any suggestions for a pregnant lady or do I have to wait till I have my baby before I can start pulling and tucking ��

Thomas Gail Haws said...

Hi, Firsttimemommy. I don't know a lot about pregnancy. Are you not allowed to pull and suck in your gut when you are pregnant? Please see my recent exchange (the last nine comments) at the bottom of this post. And note that in those comments I direct the other lady to this post. Let me know what you think. Put your comments at the bottom of the second link, and we can talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Buy organic coconut oil (Costco/Sam's) in nice large container it's for cooking, hair,skin and yes hemmoroids. Take 2 tablespoons and place inside at bottom of a zip lock bag and form/roll into the thickness of your pinky finger and between 2" and 3" long.Place in refrigerator until it becomes solid again about 20 minutes more or less. Now you have your very own natural organic suppository! Stand straight legs together reach back around under buttocks and insert slowly gently firmly (it melts quickly so hold on firmly, best done with gloves). Go lay down and do buttock keggles to help suck upward and deeper inward. I do this with a heating pad under me at night on level 2 (it is not necessary to use a heating pad if you do not have one) so as to help speed the bood through area there by causing faster healing. Females should place a handkerchief between vaginal opening and anus to protect from oil slippin inside. I do this and it works by the grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST beautifully to remove pain blood and heal. Done 3 nights in a row and then every other night for 6 days (that's 3 nights) if necessary you will see a huge difference! Remember to give all praise and worship to JESUS CHRIST for healing you. PS it would be wise to stop eating sugar and flour products which bind to food in the intestinal tract and cause an ooey gooey mess which makes bowel movements much much more difficult. Yes I have done this and it works! However when I cheat and eat these things I suffer again and and start this process over again. It's my own fault.

Thomas Gail Haws said...

I am glad for your success. I bet if you did all this without the coconut oil you would get the same results. But healing is healing!

Anonymous said...

Please advise if the pull method works for anal fissures too. Thanks

Thomas Gail Haws said...

I don't know anything about anal fissures. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your personal experience in treating hemorrhoids. I've had my first one when I had a baby but i haven't really took serious steps towards permanent healing until lately. Your posts are helpful, thank you!

Thomas Gail Haws said...

You are very welcome. If you have any trouble at all keeping them away, try looking at all my posts about hemorrhoids. Just search for Tom Haws hemorrhoids.