Monday, October 24, 2016

Turn and Drop: A Counter-infiltration Tactic for Non-violent Direct Actions

Arab Spring was yet another example of the irresistible trend of non-violent populist movements toward violence.  Marginal violent actions by infiltrators or violent factions have explosive power to hijack and doom revolutionary movements.  The toolbox of rigorously trained non-violent revolutionaries is incomplete without effective counter-infiltration (counter-hijacking) tactics.  This post presents one: Turn and Drop

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Minimum Wage and The Balance of Power -- Labor Market Musing

Minimum wage laws are a Band-Aid. They are harmful because they amount to price-fixing. They are necessary because the balance of power in the labor market disfavors laborers.

Since I am passionate against price-fixing and passionate against systemic imbalances of power, I am passionate about brainstorming labor market reforms that dissolve demands for minimum wage laws by shifting the balance of power toward laborers. So this is a brainstorming post about labor market reforms that may replace minimum wage laws.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Restaurant Huauchinango's Puebla Style Mexican Food

The owner of Restaurante Huauchinango's Mexican Food Puebla Style Mexican Food Restaurant asked me to get his Google Business listing fixed up with all the right information.  That's going a bit slow, so meanwhile I thought I would jot down the pertinent info here where I keep all good info.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

HEC-RAS 2D Area Stability

I did some testing on stability and accuracy for a HEC-RAS 2D only model.

Exporting a HEC-1 Hydrograph for HEC-RAS Unsteady Flow

We are going to export a HEC-1 hydrograph to a DSS file to use in HEC-RAS unsteady flow modeling.  This will be useful for us to do 2D flow modeling in HEC-RAS

Friday, September 2, 2016

HEC-RAS Reach Lengths and Civil 3D Export

When you export geometry from Civil 3D to HEC-RAS using ExportHECRAS, of course you wonder exactly what reach lengths Civil 3D is exporting, since your friction losses are proportional to those lengths,  Well.  Wonder no more.  As of Civil 3D 2016, the reach lengths are exported like this:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Importing From HEC-RAS to Civil 3D using the IMPORTHECRAS command

When you export from HEC-RAS (File, Export GIS DATA) you must check the Water Surface Extents checkbox.

The "cross section" lines that come in are not really the cross sections.  They each represent a straight line from the left inundation limit to the right inundation limit.

Maybe it's time to write a LISP routine.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Label Object Data in AutoCAD objects imported from GIS

If you are careful about how you MAPIMPORT GIS shape files into AutoCAD, they will come in with Object Data from their GIS data.  This object data can be seen in the AutoCAD Properties palette.  Here is a quick LISP routine I wrote to label objects with the data that is attached to them.

Making GIS shape files with data from AutoCAD to import as maps to Maricopa County DDMSW

We AutoCAD people are going to make the GIS files that Maricopa County DDMSW needs so we don't have to risk our time and our reputation by typing our data into DDMSW.  And we are going to do it from our usual AutoCAD work space.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Create a Shape File With Data For GIS From AutoCAD

AutoCAD users know how to create geometric objects.  And we know how to label them.  But how do you attach data to those objects to export together for use in GIS?  You can do it if you can put your drawing on a public coordinate system and you have AutoCAD Map.  And you don't have to become a GIS expert or even learn a new interface.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to delineate flood limits in Civil 3D using HEC-RAS 5

With the release of HEC-RAS 5, we now have between Civil 3D and HEC-RAS all the tools we need to send our terrain and stream geometry from Civil 3D to HEC-RAS, delineate flood limits in HEC-RAS, and send the inundation limits back to Civil 3D.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Master's Money Rules v2016

This is the turnstyle that leads to eternal life, and there aren't many who find it. The arched double gate that leads to a living death is where the throngs pass. But you, go find the turnstyle and go in there.

Devise World Peace: Part 1, Consolation Payments

Under the premise that achieving world peace is largely a matter of using greater love to access greater creativity and ingenuity, this post explores the creative idea of using Consolation Payments as a device to create peace in an age of terrorism.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

¿Qué es Democracy Spring? Nuestra meta, nuestros cantos

Aquí voy a dar un poco del sentido de nuestra marcha o sea movimiento por sus cantos

Una persona
Un voto
Quita el dinero
De los políticos

Dinero no
Votos si
Yo creo que
Ganamos ya

Desde Filly
Por democracia

Cuando llegamos
Nos sentaremos
Hasta ganar

Oye, Washington, no nos cotorreas.
Los donadores mandan Y tú los obedeces.
A los votadores no has dado caso.
Y nuestra marcha trae el ruido a tu casa

Oye, Washington, no nos cotorreas.
Los donadores mandan Y tú los obedeces.
A los votadores no nos prestas atención.
El ruido te traemos porque no hay otra  opción.

El dinero no es expresión. S.A. no es una persona.

Que El dinero no es expresión. S.A. no es una persona.

La primavera de democracia una persona un voto

La primera de democracia el movimiento se te viene

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What is Democracy Spring? Songs and chants from Washington DC

Chant 1: echo rap
By Andy Argo

Yo, Washington, don't give us no sass!
Y'all been takin' orders from the donor class.
Y'all been ignorin' the people's voice.
So we're marching to Washington to bring the noise.

Yo, Washington, don't give us no sass!
Y'all been takin' orders from the donor class.
Y'all been ignorin' the people's voice.
We're bringin' the noise cuz we got no choice.

Theme song lyrics

( See melody and rhythm at the bottom of this post.)

Spring is coming.
Make some room.
Democracy (justice/freedom) is growing
When Love Is In Bloom.

Chant 2: echo cadence

(I need to straighten this one out a bit, but this is the general gist in at least some sort of order.)

Money ain't speech; corporations aren't people.
(I say) Money ain't speech; corporations aren't people.
Democracy spring: the movement's coming to you.
Democracy spring: the people's voice will be heard.
Democracy spring: stand up! Stand up!
Democracy spring: Sit-in! Sit-in!
One person one vote.
Listen up and take note!
Free and equal,
From coast to coast.
Non-violent action,
The people's hope.

Chant 3: echo yell

This is the most popular chant of the March and of the week.

One person;
One vote.
Money out
Of politics.
Money out!
Voters in!
I believe
That we will win!

Chant 4: echo boot camp

I wrote this one. It has not spread. :-)

Listen, we got a lot to say!
But we don't got a billion bucks to pay.
We been marching every day.
Marched from Philly to have our say.
Big money takes away our choice.
Money out! Give the voters voice.

Theme song melody

(Underscore following solfege indicates octave down.)

mi re do do
sol fa mi
mi do do la la sol_ sol_
sol_ fa_ fa_ sol_ sol_ do

Theme song rhythm

(Comma indicates measure bar line)

half half, eighth double-dotted-half,

half half, dotted-half

quarter, quarter eighth dotted-quarter quarter, eighth eighth-quarter

quarter, quarter quarter, eighth dotted-quarter, whole

This was typed and dictated on a smartphone. I hope to correct and clarify it when I get time on a real computer.