Thursday, January 23, 2020

NPS Global Engineers - a multi-national corporation conglomerate with no owners - my 30-second pitch

This is my 30-second pitch for NPS Global Engineers, a conglomerate that currently has two member corporations.

I am a CEO of a multi-national conglomerate who lives in voluntary poverty. Here's what I'm doing:
Every business has the same two purposes:

  • Make good jobs for "moms and dads"
  • Do cool stuff
But when there are passive owners demanding profits, they derail those purposes. That is the typical case for a publicly-traded corporation. So NPS Global Engineers is a radical experiment to show a better way. NPS means 
That's No owners, No salaries, Know everybody.

Any questions?

I'd be happy to explain about part-time freelancers and self-management, but my 30 seconds are gone.

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