Sunday, April 7, 2013

New awareness ideas for curing hemorrhoids

I've explained in a very old and popular post how to cure hemorrhoids permanently for free.  Tonight some new ideas crystallized for me that may be helpful for anybody having trouble putting a permanent end to their hemorrhoids naturally.  The first idea is about awareness of holding urges.  The second is about urinating separate from and after bowel movements.

I was engrossed in editing my blog posts on hemorrhoids when I got the urge for a bowel movement.  But (now at this point I ask you to imagine yourself in my position) I was so engrossed in the editing that I delayed the urge for several minutes.

When I finally got up to go to the bathroom, I was aware that my son was parked in there.  I knocked, said, "When you gotta, you gotta!", and proceeded to wait for him to give me my turn.  As I waited, I became aware that I had been in a hemorrhoid-prone posture ever since I got the initial urge to make a bowel movement.  I was somehow simultaneously pushing and holding.  And I became aware that the sensation was strangely pleasurable, almost as if it were simulating the relief of a bowel movement in some sort of prolonged way.

The only reason I describe this so carefully is that I became aware that this urge-holding and toilet-delaying behavior can become a habitual risk factor for hemorrhoids.  As I stood waiting, I took the opportunity to suck everything back into the hemorrhoid-preventative state.

When I had my turn in the bathroom, I noticed after my bowel movement two key things:  1.  I was still pushing in an unusual way that seemed a holdover from my minutes holding my urge at the computer.  2.  It was unusually unpleasant or reluctant for me to suck in my gut.

I suggest caution about when and how you hold an urge to make a bowel movement.  Try to avoid the half-pushing posture I found myself in.  Also after a particularly long time holding or pushing, make a special effort to pull yourself back together into a non-pushing state so that all traces of bowel movement urges virtually disappear.

After finishing up and believing myself to be pulled together pretty well, I did a final test that might be a possible suggestion in difficult cases where you are having a hard time becoming aware of your posture.  I sat down again to urinate without further bowel movement.  And I became freshly aware that the muscle control required to urinate after a finished, cleaned, and sucked back together bowel movement is exactly the kind of control that is needed to avoid hemorrhoids.

I suggest that you might increase your awareness and control by practicing separating your urinating and bowel movements into two events.  For example, finishing your bowel movement quickly and then urinating if necessary only after totally returning to a hemorrhoid-preventative state (and of course without further bowel movement) contributes to muscle control that helps prevent and cure hemorrhoids.  It also contributes to quicker bowel movement finishing, which is another good thing.


Pradz said...

Hey Thomas,
This absolutely true, thanks again for your suggestion...

Would try and revert!!!

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Keep smiling:) and suggesting tooo...

GOd bless you.

Gurpreet Grover said...

Hi Thomas,
Thanks for sharing your experience. THis will definetely gonna help some people fighting with this kind of awkward problem.


Gurpreet Grover said...

Hi Thomas,

THanks for sharing your experience, I hope this info will help each and every one facing this awkward prblem of hemmorroids.


Anonymous said...

All that you said make SO sense. Thank You !

Anonymous said...

Thank you bro.

Thomas Gail Haws said...

You are very welcome, all. Thanks for your nice comments!