Saturday, November 30, 2013

Permanent Hemorrhoid Cure Steps in Simple English

1.  Push less
2.  Pull more

1.  Push less
a.  Push much less than 1 minute per day.  Try to push less than 30 seconds per day.
b.  If you are constipated, drink much more water (to make your urine very pale yellow) and eat more whole, fresh plant foods.
c.  Do not push again after wiping.
d.  Do not read on the toilet.
e.  Squat instead of sitting or lift yourself after 15 seconds of sitting.

2.  Pull more
a.  Stay upside-down and pull before and after you wipe.
b.  Pull many times (10 to 100 daily) for exercise when you are not in the bathroom.
c.  Wear clothes that make it easy for you to pull instead of making it easy for you to push all day.
d.  Pull many times every time you think about hemorrhoids.


Anonymous said...

Tom, first of thanks for this. i have a question. I have an internal Hemorrhoid. It's been two weeks and the bleeding has stopped as has most of the discomfort. I have been following your advice. My question is i can still "reach in" and feel the little internal hemi will this eventually re absorb into my body or will this lump always be there? Any answer would help thanks!

eric said...

Thanks for this blog tom. I have a question two weeks ago i got an internal hemmorrhoid. it bled a little and was kinda sore. now the bleeding has stopped and i'm left with a fleshy lump just inside my anus that can only be felt with an inserted finger. Will this lump eventually go away completely using the good advice from your blog or will it remain?

Thomas Gail Haws said...

Eric, the good news is that this is one lump that seems to go away all by itself. Just give it some time. Let me know how it goes.

M. said...

Dear, Tom. I must say I just read this morning your longer post, and all the comments that keep coming in.

I've just started to do it and I feel better already. It's amazing! We can't get more natural than this! And my condition is pretty complex as they were caused by an intestinal prolapse.

I grew older with level I to II hemorrhoids which is common in my family record. And I have quite a healthy lifestyle. My big no-no was to finish the sunday crosswords sitting on the toilet...

So the episodes were few and usually related to alcohol ingestion, the annoying extra in some hangovers! But last year they started to turn in big grade III so I decided to see some doctors by the end of the year and I'm right now recovering from a prolapse surgery (laparoscopic). It went great and now I'm mainly dealing with external hemorrhoids and also some internal ones that are prolapsed. It appears that I will not escape from another surgery, or will I? Really trying, I hope that now that the big cause is gone I can tackle them with natural methods.

And yours is really helping!

I share my story as I found it a bit particular and maybe there is someone out there - mainly women who gave birth to more than one child, which I didn't - who may be suffering from it. The prolapse was caused by a lazy pelvic floor, so... It all makes a lot of sense.

Thank you so, so much for sharing what it appears to be the simpler, easiest and really most logical method to deal with hemorrhoids....! I will now keep my posture like a ballerina :)

All the best to you and your family!

Thomas Gail Haws said...

Go, ballerina, go! And thank you very much for the kind words and fresh insights.

Unknown said...

Hi Tom. I'm having a little bit of difficulty understanding what you mean by "pushing" and "pulling" in the above article.

Can you describe what you mean by "pushing" and "pulling"?


Thomas Gail Haws said...

Sure. Look at this post, including the comments. Some of the visitors have left good insights too. Also check the hemorrhoids subject of my blog.

If you still have questions, let me know.