Thursday, April 1, 2021

NPS Global Engineers corporate structure

NPS Global Inc. is an Arizona nonprofit corporation with no special tax status. In other words, NPS is a normal business, but it has no owners or shareholders to receive profits or dividends. Surplus funds are split up among the hourly freelance contractors by vote.

Instead of shareholders, NPS Global has a Sole Member who elects the Directors of each child NPS company. The Directors of each child in turn appoint a CEO to run the child NPS business. The bylaws of every NPS company say that their Sole Member is the Sole Member of NPS Global Inc. The Sole Member is appointed by the previous Sole Member or in an emergency by the Directors.

NPS Global Inc. does no engineering. All it does is support the child NPSes, which are each organized similarly:

  • NPS Maricopa Inc. established 2017
  • NPS Pinal Inc. established 2019
  • NPS Agua Fria Inc. established 2020
The Sole Member has been Plamen Dimov of Bulgaria since 2020.

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