Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Stardew Valley Labor, Space, Keg, and Time Comparison of the High Profit Greenhouse crops: Starfruit, Ancient Fruit, and Hops

The high profile crops in Stardew Valley are Starfruit, Ancient Fruit, and Hops. This is because they have the highest profit per growing space per month. With Hops, this is because it produces daily and processes into Pale Ale in 1-2 days, which is great for a starting farmer with foresight to have Kegs (Oak Resin) ready. With Ancient Fruit and Starfruit, it is because their wines have unsurpassed sell prices. (The tree fruits Peach and Pomegranate are also notable because they produce every day and can be infilled once they are mature. But they take 7 days to process and 28 days to mature.) The following table is one way to look at them in terms of a) usage of the Greenhouse and b) labor, space, and kegs per 100kgp. It still amazes me what you can do in your second month with 2 Kegs and 60 gp of Hops (one starter).

Note: Using Deluxe Speed-Gro makes Starfruit's greenhouse profitability 978gp/month compared to 1072 for Ancient Fruit. I have assumed but not verified that Deluxe Speed-Gro is effective in the Greenhouse if applied every three harvests, or 28 days.

See also: Stardew Valley Starting Strategies, Source Google Spreadsheet

Big Dollar crops (Starfruit, Ancient Fruit, Hops, Fruit Trees) and Greenhouse analysis
Assumes Artisan profession.
StarfruitDSG StarfruitAncient FruitHopsMax Mix
Name of artisan productStarfruit WineStarfruit WineAncient Fruit WinePale AleTree, Hops, AF
Value of base artisan product (no Cask aging)315031502310420Mixed
Repeating seed cost400437000
Repeating net value275027132310420Mixed
Crops growth time (days)13971Mixed
Harvests per space per month2.153.11428Mixed
Max single crop profit per month (kgp)68912Mixed
Max crops in greenhouse. (Hops needs gaps.)11611611684134
Max greenhouse profit per month (kgp)68797910729881646
Processing time (days)6.946.946.941.56Mixed
Approx. products per Keg per month44416Mixed
Kegs needed per crop0.
Harvests needed for 100kgp per month363743238#N/A
Kegs needed for 100kgp per month99111523
Outdoor spaces needed for 100kgp per month16.911.810.88.58.1
StrengthsFewest kegs & changes.
Fewest harvests.
Fewest kegs & changes.
Fewest harvests.
Few keg changes.
Less space use. Weekend farming.
Most money per crop. Most greenhouse money if infilled. Fast start (time & gold).
Least space use.
Most Greenhouse money.
WeaknessesMost crop space (less money in greenhouse).
Most crop space (less money in greenhouse).
Reseeding. Irregular schedule.
28-day lead time cost.Most harvests.
Most keg changes.
Most kegs.
Trellis/Mixed crops
Daily harvesting and (mixed) keg changes. 2 month setup (fruit tree maturation, then plant others) or 1 month with daily watering.
SummaryBest for casks. Best money for bi-weekly attention (at a cost of double Kegs). Great labor-saver to infill Ancient Fruit.Best for casks. Not a regular schedule. Fast labor-saver for temporary Ancient Fruit infill.Best money for regular weekly attention. More greenhouse money than Starfruit at a small labor, Keg, and delay cost.Impressive low cost money at a daily labor and high Keg cost. Combined with Ancient Fruit and trees gives max greenhouse money.Max money. Max work. Max delay. Max Kegs.

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