Monday, April 9, 2018

How to sign a PDF by installing a CACert certificate in your Windows Store is a free community-based digital certificate authority. They are not rich enough to have got themselves added yet by default to the Windows Store. You have to add them yourself. But that's not my only trouble. I have trouble just getting my Personal Certificate to work sometimes because I don't really understand the way it's supposed to work. This cheat sheet will remind me.

Open Internet Explorer (the legacy Windows web browser).
1. Settings, Internet Options, Content, Certificates area, Certificates button, Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab. CA Cert Signing Authority must be there.
2. You must either create a certificate in Internet Explorer using the web tools at the CACert web site or Export the certificate you thus created already from one computer's Internet Explorer and Import it to another computer's Internet Explorer. Or you can create a new certificate for every computer, though that seems untidy.

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