Saturday, March 31, 2018

How to edit ACAD.PGP command aliases better

ACAD.PGP is the land of wonder for novices and masters alike. It's not too simple for your attention. Here's a way to edit and reload it without any hassle.

More in the video.

Simply paste the following AutoLISP code to your AutoCAD command line, then type PGP.

;; Defines the PGP command. Much better than ALIASEDIT.
(defun c:pgp () (c:haws-pgpedit)(princ))
(defun c:haws-pgpedit () 
  (princ "\nEditing ")
  (command "._notepad" (princ(findfile "acad.pgp"))) 
  (alert (princ "\nClick OK to reinit PGP file after editing.")) 
  (setvar "re-init" 16) 

If you like it, add it to your collection of LISP tools.

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