Saturday, March 31, 2018

How to edit ACAD.PGP AutoCAD command aliases better

ACAD.PGP is the land of wonder for AutoCAD novices and masters alike. It's not too simple for your attention. Here's a way to edit and reload it without any hassle.

More in the video.

Simply paste the following AutoLISP code to your AutoCAD command line, then type PGP.

;; Defines the PGP command. Much better than ALIASEDIT.
(defun c:pgp () (c:haws-pgpedit)(princ))
(defun c:haws-pgpedit () 
  (princ "\nEditing ")
  (command "._notepad" (princ(findfile "acad.pgp"))) 
  (alert (princ "\nClick OK to reinit PGP file after editing.")) 
  (setvar "re-init" 16) 

If you like it, add it to your collection of LISP tools.

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