Monday, April 23, 2018


1. They had to kick out a coyote to build my condo.
2. Great concentrations of power are dangerous.
3. Who gets to say who
Can do what
About what somebody does
With this?
That is the whole question of human government and conflict.
4. I'm a time traveler. I've traveled to the future and I can tell you that it is not bleak. Americans finally have the Republic which they deserve and they have the ultimate say over every element and decision of society. Be not afraid because in time, all truth will be revealed. It will not be pleasant but it will be necessary in order to obtain true freedom.
I can give you the recipe for free. I must warn you though, it will change your life and redefine your reality so much so that your current reality will cease to exist. If you are ready then here it is....It might seem nonsensical, but I can guarantee you it will work. You must forgive your worst enemies completely, you must have compassion for them. Do something for them and tell them you were wrong and you forgive them. Then you must do several acts of kindness, random acts. Then you must acknowledge the fact that everything you think you know is wrong, and you must accept the fact that you will never know the entire truth. Just let go for you will see that all is not so, and it is simultaneously everything. Just realize that you are nothing and you are everything. Good luck. Although I know luck has nothing to do with it, because I have seen the future. (AnthonyG at

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