Sunday, June 3, 2012

Best Fleet Tracking Companies

I had a really hard time finding an unbiased list of the world's best Fleet Tracking providers.
  For all I know, some of the smaller and less well known companies are better, but the field of choices is so large that it's overwhelming.  Having a list of the leading companies at least serves as a reference point for comparison.  The companies I found listed as the world leaders I blogged here.  The list is Qualcomm Enterprise Services, XATA, PeopleNet, FleetMatics, Networkfleet, Wireless Matrix, Telogis, Trafficmaster/Teletrac, WebTech Wireless, Trimble, Autotrac, Zatix, OnixSat, Copiloto Satelital, Satrack, and Tastets System.

Because of the lucrative commercial nature of this subject that easily tempts to spam, I am disabling comments for this post so that it remains unbiased and useful.

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