Thursday, February 16, 2012

List of the world's leading Fleet Tracking Telematics Providers

There are so many GPS fleet tracking providers that shopping these days is incredibly tough. This July 2011 list of the world's leading telematics fleet tracking providers was surprisingly hard for me to find for my client. But here it is in all its unbiased glory from PR Newswire, listing Qualcomm Enterprise Services, XATA, PeopleNet, FleetMatics, Networkfleet, Wireless Matrix, Telogis, Trafficmaster/Teletrac, WebTech Wireless, Trimble, Autotrac, Zatix, OnixSat, Copiloto Satelital, Satrack, and Tastets System:

The penetration rate among non-privately owned commercial vehicles in the region is estimated to increase from 4.5 percent in 2010 to 11.6 percent in 2015. The market leaders on the fleet management market in the Americas include a range of different actors. Qualcomm Enterprise Services is ranked as the largest player, with an estimated total installed base of approximately 350,000 units in North and Latin America. The company's solutions are targeted at heavy trucks, where the main competitors in North America are XATA and PeopleNet, with approximately 110,000 units installed each. Actors with substantial business within service fleets include FleetMatics, Networkfleet and Wireless Matrix. Other actors often have a broader market scope, covering both light and heavy vehicles. Examples include Telogis, Trafficmaster/Teletrac, WebTech Wireless and Trimble. Major Brazilian providers include Autotrac, Zatix and OnixSat, each having estimated installed bases in the range of 50,000–85,000 units. Other notable actors in Latin America include Copiloto Satelital in Mexico, Satrack in Colombia and Tastets System in Chile, each holding important positions in their respective countries.
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