Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rotary vs. Foil Electric Shaver

Several months ago I bought a $10 Emerson Rotary Shaver and a $10 Emerson Foil Shaver at Walgreen's.  Since then I have alternated between them with every battery charge.  Without wasting a lot more words, I'll blog here the main differences between them.

The rotary shaver is faster, cutting more whiskers with each pass.  It keeps trimmings tidily caught behind its screen.

The foil shaver has the potential to shave closer; a closer shave is more easily achievable with it than with the rotary shaver.  But it misses more whiskers, thus taking longer to shave.  It has a really hard time cutting longer whiskers that the rotary shaver might be able to cut.  It's oscillating action ejects bits of whisker trimmings messily.

My preference is the rotary shaver.

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