Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Culinary Power of Delicious Grapefruit

Would it be snobbish to say I suppose it's likely most people have never tasted a really good grapefruit? Probably it would.
And that's no reason not to take the best grapefruit you can get and make a delicious smoothie (recipe below). But let me explain.

I grew up in the blistering heat of Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona, USA, surrounded by undervalued grapefruit. There was always excessive and free grapefruit on trees in people's yards and in grocery bags on your porch. My grandma Haws in Gilbert kept grapefruit ice cubes in her 'fridgerator and would make a sweetened grapefruit-ade drink with them. I wasn't grapefruit's biggest fan, but by the time I was a teen I was able to delight in eating plain halved grapefruit with a spoon. And I had observed that the blossom end of the grapefruit was always the sweeter half.

What I didn't know was that grapefruit requires blistering heat to get really sweet. So I was enjoying fresh and sweet grapefruit that could only be had in hot locations. It wasn't until I gagged on a glass of grapefruit juice at the dorm cafeteria in my freshman year of college in snowy Utah that I realized grapefruit (and really all food) ain't the same at the store.

I returned to live in Arizona. But life gets hectic, and frozen orange juice from concentrate is faster. So I went years without eating grapefruit until I decided to do a trial of Peter D'Adamo's Blood Type, then Genotype Diet diet. Now, first let me clarify that I have never even once before followed any named diet. I had read recommendations, studies, and opinions of John Mcdougall, John B. Symes, and many other people, but never completely followed a diet plan. But at 43-years-old I decided to do D'Adamo's as a trial. And D'Adamo said oranges were on my bad list, while lemons and grapefruits were on my good list.

So I started bumming delicious grapefruits from Grandma and the piano teacher. I was still too rushed and needy of calories to eat them with a spoon. So I started juicing them. My very first taste was in breaking my 12 day fast of a month ago. Yum! No wonder I was a fan. But since then I have taken to using them in smoothies every morning. Here is a recipe that is compliant with D'Adamo's GT3 Teacher Diet.

Cold Grapefruit juice (1 cup or 1 or 2 grapefruit)
Pineapple (Optional. Experiment.)
Plain yogurt (I make it myself in the microwave overnight with $0.50 starter and $3 special equipment) (Optional.)

It's great if any or some of the ingredients are frozen

Blend and enjoy! Try it with other berries. The amazing and surprising thing to me is that the grapefruit juice complements very well the berries and the yogurt. It is truly powerful in a culinary sense. Absolutely delicious in this combination. I will have to try trace grapefruit garnishing on other dishes like rice, vegetables, beans, fish, etc.

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