Sunday, May 23, 2010

Conversation with Ego

Do something!

What should I do?

Do something about survival.

What should I do?

Look at your budget. Look at your calendar. Check your email. Something. Anything!

Am I a human being, or a human doing?

If you don't do something, you could die. You can't just sit around all your life. After all, you are starting a new business. The future is extremely uncertain at this point. You have to do something!

I am observing the Stopping Day of I Am Your God. And to tell the truth, I think I need it. This non-stop business starting is a bit maddening.

Yes. The Stopping Day of I Am Your God. I like that. It's clever. Who else but you would come up with such an original and intent-filled expression for your day of rest?

Mmm. Yeah. It sure is a pretty day today. This week has been pretty hot, but today has been in the room temperature range all afternoon. The kids have been delightful playing outside all day.

Is that allowed on the Sabbath?

Am I allowed to say, “Get behind me, Satan?”

Yeah, that makes you sound like Jesus.

No, thanks. Then I will just say I don't really care whether it's allowed for them to play or not. That's not my business. My business is to love them and delight in them.

That guy looks like he has a beer in that bottle.

Yeah. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't. I can't tell.

You never drink.

Well, maybe I just will. Don't get so self-righteous so easily. Did you even notice he is out with his daughter playing catch? Did I do that today?

I didn't notice.

That's okay. Nobody notices everything. And now he came over to check on some whining puppies. I just don't think beer or no beer is going to cut it as a status symbol for me. He seems like a wonderful person as far as I can tell. I think I can learn a lot from him.

You gave a great smile to that little boy on the bicycle. You are a blessing to this apartment complex.

We all are. We all are blessed to be here together. He is a blessing to me. I am a blessing to him. I'm no different than anybody else.

But you are superior. You come from a noble heritage. You are an Eagle Scout. You are conservatively dressed. You are clean cut. You don't smoke. You have an education. You use beautiful language.

Do those things make others happy? Comfortable? Comforted? Loved?

Sure, they do. See. That dad just cursed. You don't do that.

I'm not going to argue with you. Arguing seems only to strengthen you. I'm going to turn my attention to the delightful things around me. I hope to eat. I hope to sleep. I hope to use the bathroom. Just like every other being on the planet. Enjoy me being normal.

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