Wednesday, May 5, 2010

D'Adamo's Genotype Diet Trial and Challenge

Today is Wednesday. I have what I call level 2 acne (one unsightly facial pimple) for the first time since my fast that ended on April 20.
My skin was dry, a complete reversal of decades of life, until two days ago.

I am testing the D'Adamo Genotype GT3 Teacher Diet. Up until Sunday night, the only significant violations of the diet I have had are celery, black-eyed peas, and possibly some raisins.

D'Adamo emphasizes discovering positive foods, which I have had a lot of fun doing. But there are also toxic foods. Corn, wheat, chicken, black olives, sugar, lard, margarine, corn oil, canola oil are on my toxic foods list.

Sunday night (three days ago) I had 10 chicken tamales. Monday night I had a piece of cake at a celebration. Last night I had four olive tamales and four oatmeal cookies. Last night I had a sore throat, a noisy gut. This morning I have level 2 acne for the first time since my fast ended on April 20.

I need to test corn later if I can get my hands on some. Hopefully I can report more later.

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