Thursday, May 16, 2013

I fixed my Palm screen that won't calibrate

My Palm screen calibration was getting worse, so I tried to calibrate the touchscreen, but I got stuck in an endless digitizer calibration loop.  Here's how I fixed it.
I remembered reading to firmly wipe the entire screen in one direction with my  hand a few times.  But that did not help this time.  After pushing the reset button, the digitizing was still unable to access the on-screen keyboard icon (because it is so low on the screen.

I search the internet and found that maybe I was experiencing digitizer drift.  I tried running a piece of paper around the edge of the screen under the bezel.  That did not help.

I thought that before downloading a third party digitizer calibration application I would try taking the Palm apart.  It turns out the screen was very dirty under the bezel.  After wiping the screen and the bezel for a while with a damp tissue until they felt smooth and clean, I was able with the Palm disassembled to complete calibration.  When I reassembled the computer, the calibration was perfect.

Soon after I reassembled it, I thought the calibration was bad again, and I tried to calibrate the touchscreen again, and I found myself again in an endless loop.  I have lost three of the screws in the back of the case, and I thought there might be uneven bezel pressure.  So I loosened the last screw, and my endless loop stopped.

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