Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feedback on the Free Online HawsEDC Engineering calculators

Tom - this is a very nice calculator.  I like the ability to review the various results in differing UOM with the easy to use drop-down field. Very quick...

Good job and thanks for making this available to all.

Have a good night,
Brody Maedgen, P.E.


Muy bien un programa sencillo y muy practico.
saludos en Hora buena


I really liked the calculator and it exceeded my expectations.

Do you have the same version on spreadsheet?



Last year I used your calculator when looking at small-diameter, low-slope, low-flow pipe used for sap collection phase of maple syrup making.  This calculator is the only one found which would work; especially since flows are measured in gpm, not cfs.
Do you have it as an Android version for a tablet?
Not one Android version that I\'ve found so far will work for the pipe sizes (<=2-in.) I\'m working with.  Your on-line calculator has a better interface than any Android version I\'ve found so far.


Excellent calculator for Trapezoidal channels. Allowed me to calculate backwater curves and limits on power extraction per unit length for a range of flow rates in a trapezoidal channel more easily than I could have done myself in Excel. And that\'s saying something! Thank you again.

Regards, David.


Està muy util el programa. gracias


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