Friday, May 3, 2013

1999 Chevy Metro Log

2013-01-20 197000 15,000 mile synthetic oil running low; valve tapping; changed oil and filter; no low-oil pressure light

2013-04-25 197245 Pressure-washed engine compartment; changed air filter; water (bubbles) in oil
2013-04-27 Freeway driving
2013-04-28 Engine wouldn't run more than 2 seconds; occasional starter freewheeling
2013-04-30 Engine ran several seconds; died on decel; occasional starter freewheeling; loud tapping
2013-05-02 Drove car 5 miles without trouble
2013-05-03 Drove car a couple of errands; occasional stalls while rolling and shifting on warmup; recalled months of occasional hesitation around 1800-2000 rpm while warming up
2013-05-11 Car took 10 minutes to start yesterday.  It's down pretty much to a ritual when car has been cooling for more than 5 hours or perhaps is cooler than 120 degrees or so.
First crank: all cylinders fire immediately, then a quick die
Second crank: no or nearly no compression.  No start.
Third crank: a little compression, and maybe a fire or two.  No start.
Fourth crank: 1/2 to full throttle. Compression and firing.  A rumbling slow start.
Fifth crank: 1/2 to full throttle. Starts, revs to 1800.  Dies.
Cranks 6-8: more of same.  I try to fine tune throttle to keep revs near 800 to 1000.
Crank X: I start rolling, and car dies maybe only once more before warming up.

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