Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GPS Fleet Tracking Providers Search

I'm helping a client find a GPS telematics fleet tracking system. He has been with GPS Insight, and now he wants to try something else.

Update 2012-06-07:  I found an impartial list of the world's leading companies.

First of all, here's a good legitimate article I found in a construction trade magazine (though written by a provider) that gives an important primer on the technology.

So far I have come up with this long list of providers. I hope to post my short list later.

-Vehicle Tracking Solutions
-Navman Wireless
-Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc
-Trimble Geomanager. I know Trimble to be a high class company from my work as a land surveyor.

Better yet, here's a link to my Google Spreadsheet for this search.

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Marco Gil said...

The article it's very interesting.