Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Nightly Fast

I fast every day. Don't we all?
Of course we do. But could we perhaps stand to fast a little longer? As I was growing up with the good habit of nightly rest thanks to my Mom, I never learned to appreciate the value of the nightly fast we all should be giving our bodies.

I'm not a physician, but if I've lately come to understand correctly, one of the many problems associated with affluence is diabetes, and that one mechanism for the onset of Type 2 diabetes is that the pancreas is chronically under stress to produce insulin to turn onslaughts of sugar into glycogen that can be stored in the liver or the muscles to be used if needed or turned into fat if not needed.

A good nightly fast gives the pancreas (and other organs) a rest, and gives the body a chance to clean up and clean out. I've been focusing on establishing a habit of a 12-hour (or longer) nightly fast, and I believe it's been a factor in reversing my gum disease, controlling my low blood sugar, and regulating my appetite.

Of course a nightly fast is just a small part of a healthy lifestyle. My healthy lifestyle also includes the following elements:
  • I eat oats, vegetable soups and stews, all-fruit smoothies, beans, and rice plus peanuts, nuts, raisins, and occasional yogurt as nearly my total dietary intake (I do better when I eat more vegetables).
  • I take no sugar beverages, carbonated beverages, caffeinated beverages, coffee, soda pop, or alcohol on the average week.
  • I eat no pizza, meat, fish, or poultry on the average week.
  • I use all the salt and spices I want on my food.
  • I sleep 7.5 to 8 hours on average per night.
  • I fast around 24 to 36 hours occasionally (a couple of times per month, as I feel like it) on abundant water only.
  • I stop to smell the roses.
  • I avoid making promises.
  • I walk around and run around occasionally (I could do more).
A nightly fast is an important part of this nutritious lifestyle.

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