Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Water Fast - Day 9

April 16, 2010
Between today and yesterday I drank 8 quarts of distilled water. Today I walked and trotted around a little. I felt good.

Acne: leg pimple is gone. No pimples observed.
Ear: still crackling faintly.

(Next day)
This log was written retroactively on April 18, 2010.


Anonymous said...

You posted a video called "oral enema", Dude, there is no such thing, an enema by definition goes in your butt. It does not go in your mouth, ear, nose, or any other orifice.

Thomas Gail Haws said...

Of course you are right. The "Master Cleanse" people, I believe, are my source for that term. I assume it is a partially cute term intended to evoke the evacuation of the colon caused by a true enema. I hope you'll forgive my misuse of the term.

In any case, I repeat here that Herbert Shelton said anything besides rest and distilled water is normally unhelpful in a fast. So this "oral enema" isn't really a recommended practice.