Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 Water Fast - Day 14 - End plus two

April 21, 2010 (see yesterday)
On the end of Day 12 I drank some grapefruit juice, and through the day on Day 13 I followed the approved plan. I have felt really well.

On Day 14, today, I started the day with a fruit smoothie, then some grapefruit juice in the morning. At noon I went to a professional luncheon at the Tradiciones Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix, where I fell prey to a dilute lemonade, some delicious Mexican Rice (surely laced with tomato and oil) with peas and carrots, and a bit of lettuce and onions. I felt full, but good this afternoon. According to the approved plan, I really should have been eating whole fruit another day and a half.

This evening I went shopping and got home late, so I really wanted to eat, I made myself another smoothie with sunflower seeds in it (I'm investigating the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet, and sunflower seeds are not a Type A Beneficial, just a Neutral). It was kind of a lot for my stomach with that rice probably still somewhere in my intestines. I kind of wish I had stuck to the plan to avoid distress.

Writing later, I feel fine. I have been grazing all evening. Whew!

By the way, for my "last" dish, I geeked out on the strangest invention. Here it is for posterity.

Tom's Crazy Right 4 Your Type A Vegan Lowfat Rice
-Soupy brown rice (fresh from my brand new 8 qt. stainless steel pressure cooker)
-Red onion (from fridge)
-Chopped turnips and greens (frozen from Walmart)
-Raw peanuts (from my first shopping trip at Sprouts Farmers Market)
-Dried pineapple bits (from Sprouts)
-Garlic powder
-Salt to taste, especially on onions

Cooked in microwave for 15 minutes (high, then low power). Served piping hot. Arranged on a plate like a salad, not mixed. What a rainbow of surprises! Please don't sue me if it's gross. The pineapple and peanuts definitely avoided what I feared might be a dreary dish.

(Next day)

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