Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Water Fast - Day 11

April 18, 2010
This morning (see yesterday) my pulse was 58 bpm. At noon it was 50 bpm. I walked minimally today. I noticed my mouth has tasted increasingly salty, metallic, or electrical since day 8. I guess that is a classic
detoxification sign. I asked my son yesterday what my tongue look like. He said, "White!". Today I asked my other son what my tongue looks like. He said, "Blue!"

I started researching how to break a fast and how to know when a fast is complete. I am pretty clear on the first. I will reproduce here Shelton's summary on fast breaking, followed by De Vries' additions. Shelton's recommendations are still followed today by Natural Hygienists including Paul Goldberg, who has conducted over 5,000 fasts (when these guys say fast, they don't mean with juice).

The care that must be exercised in breaking a fast is in proportion to the length of the fast and to the general condition of the fasting individual. The approved plan is to break the fast on liquid food, using for this purpose fruit juice, or tomato juice, or watermelon juice, or vegetable broths. Fruit juice--usually orange juice--is used most often.

Orange juice, grapefruit juice, or fresh tomato juice are excellent with which to break a fast. Watermelon juice or the juice of the fresh pineapple or of fresh grapes may also be used. A half a glass may be given at the start. After an hour, another half glass may be given. Juice may be given every hour the first day. The second day a whole glass of juice every two hours may be employed. On the third and fourth days give the whole orange or grapefruit and on the fifth day other foods may be added. Large meals should not be attempted in less than a week. These instructions are for the long fast. A short fast requires less care in breaking and is usually followed for several days by an eliminating diet.

Devries (post-Shelton researcher) says:

...generally most satisfactory results are the uncooked juices of fruits and vegetables.

Days of Fast : Days of Juice Diet
1-3 : 1
4-8 : 2
9-15 : 3
16-24 : 4
25-35 : 5
over 35 : 6

the above chart "generally" of course.

Acne: I felt a pimple (I think) on the back of my scalp. That's all.

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