Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Easy Man Hair Styling

Since this blog is called Tom's Interesting Random Discoveries, I thought today I would write about what I have discovered about styling my hair every day. First of all, I realize everybody's body is different. So this discovery may not apply to you. But on with it already.

I discovered that my hair (about 1" to 2" long) stays the way I comb it all day long with no further combing or chemicals. In the event it's because of what I do, I'm sharing that here.

I have an extra oily scalp. Every morning I wash my hair at least once with bar soap, then at least once with any shampoo. The last thing I do in my shower is rinse and wet my hair thoroughly with the warm shower water. Then when drying I do not dry the hair beyond a light patting with the bath towel, and sometimes not even that if I am experimenting with a new hairdo.

Very soon after stepping out of the shower, with my hair nearly or still dripping wet, I comb my hair. Then I proceed to get ready, fixing my hair if necessary after pulling on a shirt.

That is all I do. I consider it's crucial to my routine to comb my hair while it is still wet and warm. Sometimes I comb it forward, sometimes I comb it backward, and sometimes I comb it sideways. No matter how I comb it, it stays roughly that way all day.

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