Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Snom 320 IP phone basic configuration quick start

This assumes you have a voip account set up at VOIP.MS with a DID number and server. This is how to configure your Snom 320 IP phone for basic use.

SNOM 320 Quick Start

  • 1. Connect phone
    • a) to power source with 5 V (volt) DC adapter of sufficient (?) A (amps)
    • b) to router/network with ethernet cable
  • 2. Skip to step 4 if you don't want to start from scratch, otherwise, do a factory reset with this five-button sequence: *,VolUp,*,VolDn,# This makes the administrator password on the phone "0000", but you don't need that for now.
  • 3. Set time zone and tone scheme on the phone, but nothing else on the phone for now. Instead, go to the web interface.
  • 4. Press the phone's Help (?) button to see the phone's web interface address (https://[address]:443), then browse there using a computer that's also connected to your router. The web interface username and password are both "admin". Resetting the phone resets them and everything else on the phone. If you want to reset only the web interface (HTTP server) password from the phone, you have to have the phone in admin mode (admin password "0000" by default; see step 2) and do it under the phone's Settings, Network, Web server menu.
  • 5. Use these web pages https://voip.ms/m/samples.php https://wiki.voip.ms/article/SNOM_320 and your VOIP.MS to set up Identity 1 on your phone to use your VOIP.MS account.
    • a) For Account and Authentication username, use your assigned VOIP.MS numeric username/account number (like "123456", not your email address).
    • b) For Password, use your chosen VOIP.MS login password
    • c) For Registrar, use your selected VOIP.MS DID point of presence POP server
    • d) You can leave everything else alone.
  • 6. Test an incoming and outgoing call on the Snom 320
  • 7. To keep the phone from occasionally disconnecting, find Disable SIP ALG in the Netgear router (not the phone) web interface under Advanced, WAN Setup and check it.

Cheat sheet from the web interface

To change web interface password: Web interface, Advanced, QoS/Security, HTTP Server
To change phone admin password: Web interface, Advanced, QoS/Security, Security, Administrator Password

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