Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Documenting my Democracy Spring arrests

In 2016 I was arrested three times with Democracy Spring protesting for campaign finance reform (anti-corruption). Here I am documenting videos practicing love while protesting.


My second arrest televised:
15:55 folding banner
17:00 thanking and blessing police
17:30 giving ID
18:30, 18:50 awaiting processing

1:20:00 praise for police and marchers

0:22-0:25 On right behind black shirt man
0:59-1:05 Marching behind N in big Democracy Spring with Pam Borden right of G
1:22 and 1:23 Seconds before arrest with Pam Borden 

0:26-0:28 Marching

3:03-3:12 Center and lower left screen (white T-shirt, khaki hat, flag bandana) pre-arrest
3:16 Left with Pam below left
Boy! was it hot that day sweating it out in the crowd!

Bus where they detained the men for a long time after the Philadephia arrest. I am not shown, but I was seated handcuffed further behind Kai shown here singing.

1:10-1:16 I am holding blue and red umbrella. Pam Borden is wetting her clothes and fanning.

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