Sunday, October 15, 2017

Property part 1

A shipfull of pioneer explorers dropped anchor in an uncharted cove and made camp. Every day people were found picking berries at a nearby berry patch.

One day at the patch the Harvester family appeared with huge baskets and began to harvest berries systematically. On seeing this, Objecter said, "That's not cool," to which Adam Harvester replied, "You're not the boss of us."

Hearing this, Asserter said, "You don't own this patch."

Now, by no fault of their own, the Harvesters were uncommonly large people. Mother Harvester was aware of this privilege and loath to press it, so she felt called to try explaining. "Of course not. These aren't all for us. We plan to carry them to the camps and trade them for things we are short of at our camp."

"But if you harvest them all," objected Asserter, "there won't be enough for us."

"Nonsense!" exclaimed Father Harvester. "You'll be able to stay at camp and trade us for berries. There will be berries for everybody."

Not the end. But words fail me.

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