Sunday, July 2, 2017

Yasi Oral Irrigator review

I was sent a free Yasi Oral Irrigator Model YS831 to write about. I made a video review, and this post is to summarize my review. The only comparison I have for this irrigator is my Waterpik Model WP-100W irrigator, which is the third of the same model I have bought.

Update from Yasi: this is a travel irrigator, and they also have an irrigator with a much larger tank here: This model I reviewed is comparable to this Waterpik model , and I suspect the only unfavorable comparison with that unit would be the uncomfortable standard tips included with this Yasi irrigator.
 Watch the video

My thoughts:
  • Mechanically, aesthetically, and structurally, this seems like a solid and attractive device.
  • I got to review it for free. I do not know the retail price.
  • Simple controls (power and mode buttons), similar to the Waterpik travel flosser
  • Enough tips including his and hers (blue and pink) and a brushy tip
  • No place to store the extra tips. Yasi says this is because it's a travel flosser
  • Cordless with USB charger cord without wall plug (bring your own), vs. plugin Waterpik. (To me this is a slight disadvantage, but that's a personal value judgment)
  • Tips are strangely contoured with a grooved flat-cut end that is not comfortable to glide along the gum line.
  • Tip is directly connected to the motor/tank instead of being a wand and hose. This introduces subtle usage dexterity and momentum issues that result in some gum discomfort and reduced effectiveness, I think. But some people seem to like the portable versions better, so your mileage may vary.
  • Tank is too small. It takes 4 to 6 tanks of water to irrigate my mouth. This results in uncertainty about whether I missed any spots. I had 5 teeth pulled as a youngster, so it might take more refills to do a complete set of teeth. I am sure I would prefer the larger model
Bottom line: While this irrigator is very much usable and not in any sense "defective", I am looking for a "Your teeth want to go swimming tonight!" experience. I expect fun. Where flossing was painful and a dreaded punishment, irrigation has been a pampering ritual. And the health of my mouth depends on that. To live up to this standard, I would prefer a full-size model, and I would suggest to Yasi that they make one correction to this travel model:
Give more attention to the comfort of the tip ends. This is a trivial cost, and is really needed. I felt (how justifiably does not matter) that the irrigator was cutting into my gums. Make the tip rounded. Use a different material if necessary.

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