Monday, September 19, 2016

Restaurant Huauchinango's Puebla Style Mexican Food

The owner of Restaurante Huauchinango's Mexican Food Puebla Style Mexican Food Restaurant asked me to get his Google Business listing fixed up with all the right information.  That's going a bit slow, so meanwhile I thought I would jot down the pertinent info here where I keep all good info.

Official Web Site: 

Restaurante Huanchinango official web site is up and current.  But the Page Title is not filled out correctly, so it is not ranking very well at the search engines.


The restaurant is at Longmore and University in Mesa and has been there for a long time.  It was never on Ash Street.  The Ash Street address is for the unrelated house behind the current strip mall location at Longmore and University.  The McKellips Road location is closed, though it still appears (along with the University address) on the menus at the University and Longmore location.


The owner wrote "Restaurant Huauchinango's" when I asked for the official name.  The name at the official web site is "Restaurante Huauchinango".  So at least we are in the ballpark of an official name, and it does definitely include the name Huauchinango, which is the name of the home township and town of the owners in the state of Puebla east of Mexico City.

Search Keywords: 

My research with the Google Keywords Tool indicates the following search demand:
Mexican Food 100-1000
Mexican Food Restaurant 10-100
Puebla Mexican Food 10-100
Comida Poblana 10-100
Huauchinango Restaurant - -
Huauchinango Mexican Food - -

Web Site Markup Edit Priorities:


change to
    Home - Restaurante Huauchinango Comida Poblana Mexican Food
Do the same for About, Menu, and Contact pages


Remove the testimonials ("Middle eastern cuisine"). There are plenty of reviews and testimonials at Yelp.  Possibly link Yelp. "See what people are saying at Yelp!"

I'll keep working on getting the Google Business corrected.

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