Thursday, February 19, 2015

Perform HEC-15 Calculations with the new FHWA Hydraulic Toolbox

In August 2014 FHWA released version 4.2 of their Hydraulic Toolbox, which is a bundle of calculators for the venerable Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 15 Design of Roadside Channels with Flexible Linings aka HEC-15.  I confess that despite my 20+ years of civil engineering,this software is news to me.  While some of its calculators may be trivial to any given civil engineer, others may be a big help.  And they all are packaged neatly in a Windows program that can output a PDF or RTF report.
Here is a screen shot of a channel lining calculation I did using the Hydraulic Toolbox.
FHWA Hydraulic Toolbox showing Map and Channel Lining Analysis
I foresee using the Hydraulic Toolbox for my future drainage reports.

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