Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Experience With Oil Pulling

I have received many comments suggesting that I try oil pulling or asking my opinion about oil pulling.  My niece Corina has recently been happily using oil pulling.  So I finally gave oil pulling a try and did some reading about it.

Oil pulling is prolonged (20-minute) swishing with a few teaspoons of vegetable oil.  Based on my limited exposure and research, I am supportive of oil pulling, independent of any intrinsic value of the oil, because of the lengthy swishing involved.  Lengthy and frequent swishing is very effective for oral hygiene.
Oil pulling may be a great example of the fact that myths can accomplish great things.  In the event it is true that oil pulling is no more effective than "water pulling", the "myth of oil pulling" is still powerful in that it brings improved oral hygiene to humanity by providing people the psychological means to swish for 20 minutes or more every day.
Will I be oil pulling with regularity?  No.  But oil pulling will improve my oral health by reminding me that clean breath and pink gums are always just several days of frequent and extended swishing sessions away.
For more ideas, see my other posts about oral health.  And consider saving the world today by offering your kid a hug.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the post. I tried oil pulling and I had the same thought like you that it's the 20 minutes swishing process not the oil that made the different.

Thomas Gail Haws said...

Thanks for the encouraging thought.

Unknown said...

Hi, I have the mixed blessing of a very sensitive system. I feel herbs and medications- their effects- first time I take them. My initial experience with oil pulling showed me that it does have some detox qualities. For one, as soon as I spit out that oil I felt my headache go away. But I am still not sure about its ability to help teeth. We'll have to see about that. Thanks for all you do!