Saturday, February 11, 2012

How Can I Make Pointsin.lsp put blocks at their correct elevations?

A lot of people use Pointsin.lsp from to import survey points from coordinate files into AutoCAD blocks.
Typically, a coordinate file might look like this:

2,7679.928,6221.083,658.961,EDGE OF ROAD

The default behavior of Pointsin.lsp is to put each block insertion at z=0. But you can easily make Pointsin.lsp put each block insertion at its correct elevation. Just find the following line inside the Pointsin.lsp file (make sure you have the 2012 version of Pointsin.lsp):

     '("NORTH" "EAST" nil) ; '(xname yname zname)

Change it to

     '("NORTH" "EAST" "ELEV") ; '(xname yname zname)

That's it. Enjoy. And don't borrow money or promise to do things.

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