Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How I revived my dead Palm Tungsten E2

This week I pulled out my Palm Tungsten E2 and it would not power up (The power button died long ago, and I typically use the shortcut buttons to power it up). I tried charging it. I tried all the reset procedures. It was dead. I went to Google. I revived it by opening the case, disconnecting the battery, plugging in the charger (the startup screen appeared!), unplugging the charger, reconnecting the battery, and reassembling it.

Dissasembling it required a very tiny 1.4 mm screwdriver that I happened to have in a cheap tiny screwdriver set. I also had to pry harder than I might have thought was safe or required, as there are retainer clips keeping it together in addition to the four torx screws.

Disconnecting the battery was also baffling to me, but with this Youtube video at 00:02:20, I saw that I simply needed to pry with my fingernail.

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