Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two great obstacles to Happiness

Two great obstacles to happiness are possession and obligation, also called treasure and debt, or clutching and lying.

If you lay up treasure on earth, you will always be protecting it from thieves and ruin. If you promise to deliver tomorrow, you are lying, because you cannot tell the future. Both of these are chronic, endemic problems of our culture, and they stand in the way of our happiness.

If you have made debts and promises, pay them, fulfill them, and make no more. Agree with terms and hope to fulfill, but make no oaths.

The happiest day is the day spent enjoying your work without thought about treasures to protect and debts to pay. "Don't worry about tomorrow; what you will eat or what you will wear."

Open your hand, pay your debts, sell all you have, and give away the excess, and Heaven within you will be revealed.

In a subsequent post I share a practical plan of how to get there from where you are today by paying forward.

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