Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Indian Legend

A mighty chief took his son to hunt. They made camp on a trail at the foot of a mountain and went up into the mountain to hunt all day. When the sun sank below the hills and the shadows covered all the mountains, they were still coming down from the mountain.

The brave spoke up. "Father, I believe our camp is to the right of our path."

Without turning around, the chief answered, "Yes, my son. I do believe you are right."

"Then why," questioned the son, "do we not bear right?"

"You will see, my son."

When they had walked a little more, the brave spoke again. "Father?"

"Yes, my son."

"I really do think our camp lies to the right of our path."

The chief stopped walking. He stood still for a long moment. Then he turned toward the brave and said, "Yes, my son. I do believe you are right."

As the chief stepped forward again the brave spoke, "But why do you continue without turning right, Father?"

And again the chief answered, "You will see, my son."

Soon before them appeared the trail. When their feet reached the trail, each of them looked left and saw their camp not far away. In stunned silence they both stood, turning this way and that, toward their camp, their mountain path, and the empty trail to their right.

At last the chief spoke with his gaze fixed in the distance across the trail. "Yes, Grandfather. Now I see."

Entered by Thomas Gail Haws on Sunday 7 February 2010

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