Sunday, February 14, 2010

Grains from a new dietary perspective

My dad sent me these observations I thought were interesting. Our family is LDS Mormon, and one of our sacred texts (Doctrine and Covenants 89) says grains are to be the "staff of life".
So this is potentially a delicate and emotional subject that I thought he approached with sensitivity:

Dear Family,

I'd say that grains are wonderful food, IF you mean grain greens not grain seed. These are three pieces of evidence you may find interesting, per my thinking:

1. My triglycerides dropped from 400 to 75 by cutting out all grain seed products from my diet, and substituting avocados and nuts. (Both of which fly in the face of Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn's "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" book). My cholesterol stayed exactly the same at 170.

2. The worst dietary experience I ever had was going on a nothing-but whole-grain diet for a couple of weeks to "get well". My gums turned purple, my hair started to fall out, and I developed subcutaneous cysts for the first time. (This happened when I was about 25). I'm not sure why it took me almost 40 years to learn from that experience.

3. If you pasture a horse in a field of oat grass it will be frisky and well, even better yet if you let is run wild and nibble on wild grasses of all types of it's own choosing, but if you stable it and feed it too much oat grain it will develop brittle bones and get sick very quickly. Along the same line, at home on the dairy, we used to feed cows silage made from chopped green corn stalks for weeks on end and they produced very well. If however you put a cow on a diet high in yellow corn seed, you will get a fat and sick cow.

Eat your greens, and go easy on the grains!

If you must eat a lot of grains, let it be the ones low in glutinaceous qualities, such as rice and millet.

Best to you,
Kato Haws

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