Saturday, January 2, 2010

Talks with God 1

Oh, Master of the Universe, do I try to control E?

Well, you do think she is making a terrible mistake to walk away from your marriage.


And you do wish there were something you could do to keep her from making that mistake.

True. So just thinking it is controlling her?

In your limited perspective, you still believe that your thoughts are separate from your actions. Aren't those thoughts you have thoughts of control?

Yes. I suppose they are. But how can E tell? She can't read my thoughts.

You really do believe that thoughts are separate from actions. You would not believe me if I told you that she can read your thoughts.

I think I know what you are saying. That my actions are no different than my thoughts, and so by reading my actions, she is reading my thoughts. So how can I change my thoughts? I have been fancying that I am all finished with this controlling business. I have always fancied that I had no interest in controlling other people.

Well, obviously you have fancied fancifully. Isn't it possible that you are still controlling?

Based on what you said above, yes. I am still in my thoughts wishing I could keep her from acting the way she is acting.

And so you wish she had no agency.

Oof. That hurts. OK. So I am a minion of Lucifer.

That's not what I think.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. You're good. Personally, I'm happy that she is free to do walk away from you. I think she rocks.

You know. I fancy I understand that. Thanks for letting me hear it. Maybe it is soaking in.

It's true that you, my children, act in ways that are not in harmony with the complete knowledge and understanding I have. You act in ways that are in harmony with the knowledge and understanding that you each have. Do you believe that?

Well, there isn't any reason why I shouldn't, I guess. Oh. Well. Actually, I sense something from my childhood that says some people intentionally act out of harmony with the knowledge and understanding they have.

You believe E does that?

Oh, that really, really hurts. Are you suggesting that I believe she is evil?

If you believe that one person is evil, you believe that all people are evil. Let me put it this way. You have drawn an artificial distinction between yourself and others, and between each person around you. Though you don't understand fully the meaning of this, I tell you truly that you are all and each my children. Do you believe that you yourself act out of harmony with the knowledge and understanding you now have?

To tell the truth, I am not sure. But I know one thing for sure. I sure as heaven don't want anybody putting their thumb on me and hindering me from figuring it all out on my own terms.

Heh, heh. You rock too. So how do you think E or any other person feels about having you put your thumb on them and hindering them from figuring it all out on their own terms?

To be totally honest, Lord, that is hard, uh, doctrine, if I can use that word.

You can do anything you want.

You rock. I want to be like you when I grow up. I want other people to feel around me like you just made me feel.

Then you would have to honestly believe in them the way I believe in you.

OK. But about the hard doctrine, are you trying to tell me I shouldn't be hindering anybody in figuring things out? I mean, what about, oh, what about all the pain and suffering in the world? I feel silly asking this.

Yeah. You're the pacifist.

I guess I'm a pretty weak one. In my heart I want to rule the world.

Don't be too hard on yourself. That's about how it goes when you become a human. Many people go so far as to say I want to rule the world.

OK. So you don't want to rule the world, and you don't want to rule me, and you don't want to rule E, and E (and S and so forth) will feel controlled and dominated by me as long as I continue to want her to act differently, or to be something other than she is or to do something other than she does. I should just enjoy her!

You can just enjoy her!

I stand corrected. I can just enjoy her! Enjoy her being herself, single, dating others, or marrying me again, with me or away from me, hating me or loving me, frustrated or serene, sad or happy. I can just enjoy her.

Yes, you can.

Thank you for teaching me the way of happiness.

I always will.

I better work.

OK. :-)

I'm sending this to E.

OK. Tell here I love her especially.

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