Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I lost my AutoCAD menus and toolbars and can't restore them

Today I foolishly started AutoCAD Civil 2009 a different way than usual. I used a desktop icon rather than opening a drawing from Windows Explorer. As you know, any such hiccup can cause the loss of your toolbars, palettes, and menus workspace.

I never found any way to restore them, because I didn't have them saved ahead of time. To save future anguish, there are two ways I and you can choose from to allow restoring the workspace. You can either save it every time it seems "just right", or you can tell AutoCAD to save it every time you switch toolspaces. If you are like me, perhaps you never switch toolspaces. It seems likely AutoCAD might also save toolspace on closing.

For both saving methods, use the Workspace icon in the drawing status bar, as shown below:

For the manual save method, choose Save Current As... Note in the picture that I saved my favorite as Tom. And I can occasionally save again as Tom to overwrite to update any changes.

For the automatic save method, Choose Workspace Settings... and click the "Automatically save workspace changes" radio button.

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