Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Free eBay sniping service

My wife and I found a free eBay sniping service that frees you from baby sitting your eBay bids. For those not familiar with eBay sniping, I think of it as a way to treat your bids like a sealed bid auction.

Auction Sniper

At a sealed-bid auction, everybody submits their bids silently, and at the end of auciton they are all opened. The highest bidder (according to eBay rules) wins the item for one dollar above the second to highest bid.

Sealed bidding (and sniping) eliminates the emotional excesses that can drive auction prices irrationally high. This is of course good for buyers.

The way Gixen works is you log in with your eBay credentials, and submit the number and prices for items you want to bid on. Gixen holds them until a few seconds before end of auction, then submits them so there is no open bidding effect. In other words, nobody ever gets to see that you are eying an item at a certain price.

Gixen Free version even lets you group items so that as soon as one is won, the rest are cancelled. And there is a $6 per year paid version that has additional features.

We are pretty jazzed.

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